Must-Have Walking Dead Collectibles

How did you like the first episode of The Walking Dead? I really liked it, although I think the scoring was lacking. There were parts wherein the background music would have made a huge difference, but other than that, this season looks promising; and the zombie makeup was better. For fans of The Walking Dead, […]

10 The Walking Dead Tattoos

The Walking Dead returns on the 12th of October, and after season 4’s finale, we’re all pretty much stoked about where they will pick up. Countless teasers, rumors, and speculations can be read online, but with only a week or so left, let’s not bother with that. Instead, let’s look at some hardcore fans of […]

10 Zombie Mashups to Get You Ready for The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Returns on October 12, Sunday, and I’m pretty sure you’re all looking forward to that. While you may be gearing up for the season premiere by rewatching the first four seasons (it’s too much for me, so I’m not doing that), you can also choose to enjoy some zombie mashups that are […]

The Walking Dead Infographic: All About Guns & Ammo

The Walking Dead just aired its fourth season finale and we need more! This infographic by gives us a cool look at all the weapons used in the show so far. “The Walking Dead Guns & Ammunition” features the survivors’ weapons of choice and even lists the various pros and cons of each. Those who want […]

20 Badass Walking Dead Mashups

The Walking Dead‘s 4th season finale is coming up this Sunday and we can’t wait to see what happens. We have no idea what’s going to happen in Terminus, but based on everything we’ve seen so far, it’s bound to be intense. We’re not expecting a lot of sunshine, kittens, and rainbows, as much as […]

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We’re Dying To Try ‘Death Scented’!

Zombie lore has long proclaimed that the reason why zombies are attracted to people is because they don’t reek of festering flesh. Chemist Raychelle Burks, inspired by this idea from everyone’s favorite zombie show, The Walking Dead, came up with Death Scented. It’s a cologne that’s guaranteed to repel the undead! Raychelle looked into the chemistry of rotting […]

Michonne Barbie Takes ‘Badass’ To A New Level

Amazing artist Peewee Parker made a lot of ‘The Walking Dead’ (and Barbie!) fans happy when he crafted this Michonne Barbie. He has already created so many fashion dolls of all shapes and sizes, but Michonne has got to be the most badass of them all. I love that he posed it to look like she had […]

Get The Walking Dead Compendium One For Only $25!

The Walking Dead on AMC has just come back from its mid-season hiatus. Though the series tends to be polarizing and you either love it or you hate it with a burning passion, we’re sure of one thing: the comics it’s based on is a very different beast. Is it better? Is it more interesting? […]

The 10 Geekiest Moments of 2013

2013 was an incredible year for getting your geek on. But 10 moments stood out among all the rest as the biggest, most memorable of all. Let’s count them down.

Best Series to Catch Up On During TV Hiatus

Have you ever wanted to jump into an ongoing television series only to realize just how alienating it can be? Where do you start? How do you reconcile the sprawling narrative? Sometimes a hiatus can be a good thing – especially when you want to catch up with a show that’s already well underway. Below […]