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Superhero Rock Stars Take Center Stage

If ever there would be a time where aspiring to be a groupie would actually become culturally acceptable, my guess is it’s when it would involve superhero rock stars. They already have the talent and skill to do extraordinary things. It’s pretty logical that these extra ‘extras’ would make damn fine musicians. Super artist Andrés Moncayo designed […]

Thor-oughly fooled: How “Thor: The Dark World” should have ended

The sequel to 2010’s Thor film was, in a lot of people’s eyes, superior to that first film. With Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, returning to their roles, Thor: The Dark World had a crazy ending that saw Thor and Odin teaming up to battle Malekith the Accursed and had our favorite Thunder God […]

Comics Sales Reveal Tales Of Their Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Newsarama have posted a wonderful dissection of Comichron’s report of comics sales figures for May 2013, and highlighted how comics sales in issues are up a whole 22% on a decade ago, and double the dollar value for the same period, way out-stripping the rate of inflation! Recession? What recession?

2012 Movies Carved Into Pumpkins

Let’s hear it for the movies of 2012! Talented pumpkin carvers are commemorating their favorite movies of the year in jack o’ lantern form. And here they are.

Loki and Thor Blanket: Dream Gone Bad

Don’t get me wrong. Just like many other viewers, I was mesmerized by Thor. The movie may have had its fair share of criticism, but there is no doubt that the Norse god draws eyes like honey draws bees. Nothing more needs to be said. Until you see this blanket which puts together the brothers […]

First Look: ‘Marvel Heroes’ MMO

Gamers seem to have strong feelings about the upcoming MMO, Marvel Heroes. Let’s see if those feelings are strengthened or changed based on this very first look at the game in action. Plus: a complete list of all playable Marvel heroes that we know about so far.

The All-CG ‘Avengers’ End Title Sequence

Coolness! Visual effects house Method Studios created the “main-on-end” title sequence that plays immediately after The Avengers ends (but right before the much-discussed prologue). And they’ve posted their work online, in its entirety, so you can truly appreciate their painstaking attention to detail. (Note: this post contains no spoilers.)

7 Avengers Infographics

This morning I sat down to work and thought to myself, “What do I want to write about today?” Only one thing is on my mind, and it’s drowning out all other thoughts: The Avengers! Just can’t get that brilliant movie out of my head. If you’re craving more Avengers goodness like me, here are […]

The Jack-O-Lanterns of 2011

Happy Halloween from ForeverGeek! Here are some of our favorite jack-o-lanterns carved and put on display by geeks like you — all from 2011.

50 Screengrabs From the Avengers Trailer

Marvel dropped the Avengers teaser trailer on us yesterday, and it’s looking awesome. But it goes by way too fast for my taste, so I took fifty high-res screengrabs to really get the full effect. Magnanimous guy that I am, I’m sharing them with you. You’re welcome.

Sure Wish This Avengers Game Hadn’t Been Cancelled

Based on this leaked in-game footage, it looks like a studio owned by THQ was hip-deep in development on a video game tie-in to next summer’s The Avengers movie. But the game has been seemingly canceled since THQ shuttered the studio last month. Sad news made all the sadder once you watch the awesomeness on […]

Marvel’s High-End Kitchenware

Marvel’s Disney-fied empire just keeps on growing. The latest frontier in their quest for global domination? The kitchen, courtesy of high-end cookware maker Williams-Sonoma.

Marvel Avengers Cosbaby Series

So we’re going to see The Avengers next year, and as can be expected, we are bound to see all sorts of promos and gimmicks related to the movie. As early as now, Hot Toys has announced something that will delight any toy collector. Even I, who cannot be called one, am rather excited about […]

Thor Smashes the Floor – and More!

By now, countless people have seen Thor. While the official release is still May the 6th in the US, other parts of the world have already been queuing up over the weekend to see the much awaited movie. Sad to say, I was not one of them. Don’t get me wrong – I very much […]

THOR Trailer + Screengrabs

Next summer is truly the summer of the superhero. DC is launching its Green Lantern franchise with Ryan Reynolds, while Marvel ups the ante with not one but two big-budget hero movies: Captain America and Thor. The first trailer for Thor is here, and it’s pretty darn amazing looking. Chris Hemsworth looks the part, and […]

Game Vids: Special Edition

Mass Effect 3. Elder Scrolls 5. Forza 4. Uncharted 3. Prototype 2. Resistance 3. Batman: Arkham City. SSX. And a certain Guillermo del Toro game… Spike’s Video Game Awards aired over the weekend, and while few gamers or industry insiders consider the awards themselves to be all that prestigious, the industry does always take the […]

Thanksgiving Firsts

So this week Tom DeFalco has returned to one of his old creations with Thunderstrike, and for me this is a return to some of the older more innocent style comics. Well, as much as one can perceive from a first issue. It’s nice to see Kevin Masterson again even if he has turned into […]

Imperative, Agents NOW

Well, I was half right, we could see the end of the The Thanos Imperative coming, or at least the defeat of Lord Mar-Vell and the Many-Angled Ones. Still, it was not disappointing in the slightest, I don’t want to offer any spoilers, but Thanos is up there in the uber-villain stakes again. My appetite […]