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Sure Wish This Avengers Game Hadn’t Been Cancelled

Based on this leaked in-game footage, it looks like a studio owned by THQ was hip-deep in development on a video game tie-in to next summer’s The Avengers movie. But the game has been seemingly canceled since THQ shuttered the studio last month. Sad news made all the sadder once you watch the awesomeness on […]

Will You Pay to Play Used Games Online?

EA, Sony, THQ, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. Interactive have all announced plans to start charging for “Online Passports,” which will be required purchases for players who want to play with used game discs. Specifically, these $10 passports will be needed to play multiplayer games (like Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco, pictured above), but there’s nothing to keep […]

Are You Ready to Form Voltron?

When I was a kid, my brother and I used to watch Voltron: Defender of the Universe every day. There was something that oozed cool about it. Maybe it was because it had a bit of anime-inspired sophistication to it; it didn’t talk down to kids the way other cartoons did. Or it could have […]

Review: uDraw Game Tablet

I feel funny calling this a game review, because a game this is not. But it does run on a standard Wii game console. uDraw Studio, the software that comes packaged with THQ’s uDraw Game Tablet, is essentially an artist’s studio and palette, providing all of the tools needed to create your masterpiece. So is […]

‘Assassin’, ‘Persia’ Director Moves to THQ

Just days after word leaked that Guillermo del Toro is working with THQ on a number of new game IPs comes this shocker: Patrice Désilets, the man behind the Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed games has signed on with THQ as well. Désilets is best known for his super-successful work with Ubisoft Montreal on […]

Guillermo del Toro Working on “Huge Games” with THQ

This is exciting news even for the non-gamer. Geeky director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), aka “He Who Almost Directed The Hobbit,” is working with video game publisher THQ on several entirely new game IPs. Del Toro says that they will be “huge games, huge worlds, [with] long deadlines.” To drive that last point […]

uDraw for Wii Brings Out the Artist in You

Another day, another Wii peripheral. But this family-friendly add-on doesn’t come from Nintendo, it’s from game developer THQ. (Which is interesting in and of itself, since THQ is best known for hardcore titles like UFC, Red Faction, and DarkSiders. But I digress.) The uDraw GameTablet is quite simply, a tablet for drawing on your screen. […]