Ovo Projection Clock


I know it’s a little odd that you project an image of a clock to tell time. You’d agree with me probably that it seems to be short of a job to set this up too. A regular clock would just need a battery and a hook. The Ovo Projection Clock on the other hand […]

TISSOT's SEA-Touch dive watch: luxury touchscreen Swiss timepiece


TISSOT SEA-Touch divers watchFor the serious diver (or city faker who likes to fool people into thinking he’s just come back from the Pacific) comes some serious wrist wear.

Swiss luxury watchmaker TISSOT has just shown off the SEA-Touch dive watch. It has many of the features a diver would need, including a diver’s log book for tracking previous dives, dive depth and speed displayed on its luminescent hands, thermometer and compass. There’s also an alarm, calendar, stopwatch and time zone function.