12 Tips for Buying Geek Christmas Presents


So you’ve a geek to buy presents for this Christmas? Abide by these twelve simple steps and you’re much more likely to get it right. 1. Features matter Given the choice between two similarly priced gadgets, one with more features and the other simply covered in crystals or other “precious” bling, you should definitely pick […]

GMail Theme Tabs


Not too sure if you know about this already, but something worth your attention is waving at Gmail.com. Gmail now offers themes… yes, themes! Well I know know it was there for a long time through third-party aps, but now Gmail has ported the theme function from their very own. Getting your theme is as […]

Firefox Quick Tip: When downloads stop working…

Firefox Downloads

Sometimes Firefox freaks out and for no reason at all, the downloads (Ctrl + J) stop working and it doesn’t allow you to download anything while using the browser. Be it a simple image, or an email attachment – nothing can be done. This problem has happened to me before, and the solution to get […]

Recently Closed Tabs Feature on FireFox 2

Here’s a nifty feature I recently discovered on FireFox 2: Recently Closed Tabs. It’s good that it has been standard for FireFox to warn you if you’re closing multiple tabs. After all, Control-Q (or CMD-Q for the Mac) is dangerously close to Control-W (or CMD-W). I’ve fallen victim to this mistake many a time with […]

PSP Tips n' Tricks

Here is a blog post with some tips on doing more with your PSP than just playing games, like watching videos, listening to iTunes music and playing Flash-based games. They even work for updated PSP firmware (v2.7) First of all, this article won’t include anything “homebrewed” so if you dumb enough to update your PSP […]

Firefox Optimization Tips

Really more for those that may be new to Firefox, CNet has posted an article with 10 tips for helping to keep Firefox running lean and mean. Everybody who’s experienced the fun of customizing Firefox to his or her liking has a favorite extension. Whether it’s the improved navigation and session-saving friendliness of TabMixPlus or […]

Duplicating your Firefox profile

If you use several computers, then you’re likely familiar with the frustration of having to re-input your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, extensions, and form auto-fill information into your new Firefox installation everytime you re-install your operating system, or get a new computer altogether (lucky you!). I recently got my hands on yet another extra laptop, […]