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Namárië In Elvish, As Read By Tolkien

I feel so silly because I got so excited when I saw NerdApproved’s post about Tolkien’s reading of his poem Namárië in Elvish. ((NerdApproved)) I was thinking that I had never heard Elvish spoken, till it was pointed out – in a veiled manner – that I have watched LoTR more times than I could […]

If America Were Middle-Earth

Reddit user ‘Jvlivs’ created this hand-drawn map of the United States of America, in the style of JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth cartography maps from The Lord of the Rings.

Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite Fantasy World?

In the pantheon of fantasy, there are gazillions of worlds encompassing everything from Dorothy’s Oz to the Greek mythology of Clash of the Titans to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sunnydale. This week’s poll presents five of the most popular fantasy worlds. Which is your favorite?

March 25: Tolkien Reading Day

Tolkien geeks would probably scoff at me for posting this a day late, and I really have no excuse! I will willingly take a hit or two to the head for forgetting that yesterday was Tolkien Reading Day. Then again, I am not really that much of a Tolkien geek although I have read the […]