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Must-Have Walking Dead Collectibles

How did you like the first episode of The Walking Dead? I really liked it, although I think the scoring was lacking. There were parts wherein the background music would have made a huge difference, but other than that, this season looks promising; and the zombie makeup was better. For fans of The Walking Dead, […]

This Paper Airplane Machine Gun Is the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

Paper airplanes are part of everyone’s childhood all around the world. You probably cannot tell me just how many paper airplanes you’ve made your entire life – especially if you’ve got kids who have fallen in love with them as well. From “just because they’re fun” to sending love notes to sending stupid messages (those […]

GI Joe Toy Posters Hit 300% Of Funding

A Kickstarter campaign for posters of  the GI Joe 1986-87 carded figures, 1982-83 vehicles and 1982-85 file cards is coming into the last 3 days of the campaign and has already reached 300% of it’s funding target. Robert Carson Mataxis has been building his GI Joe fan site for the last two years, the site is […]

Funko Blind-Boxed Sci-Fi Minifigs Coming Soon!

THIS is why people go broke. Funko, you can go to wherever people who make cool stuff so that we can throw our money at them go!!! If you think I’ve gone mad, well, I’m nearly there anyway… But what’s getting toy collectors all over the place excited (and making sure they’ll have enough cash […]

The Octopus Avengers Assemble As Cuddly Plushies!

Got a case of the blues? Maybe you’ve been having a rough week at work. Never fear, the Octopus Avengers are here! Darcy  made these super-cute plushies and is currently selling them on Etsy. The little details she adds to the plushies are awesome and I bet it’ll never fail to put a smile on […]

Calling All Whovians! Doctor Who LEGO Needs Your Votes.

Lego Cuusoo has already created Lego versions of Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, but this time they’re turning to our favorite Time Lords. Out of all the Doctor Who Lego concepts submitted, this one by video game designer Andrew Clark shows the most promise. He designed a 530-piece set that would have a TARDIS, a […]

Michonne Barbie Takes ‘Badass’ To A New Level

Amazing artist Peewee Parker made a lot of ‘The Walking Dead’ (and Barbie!) fans happy when he crafted this Michonne Barbie. He has already created so many fashion dolls of all shapes and sizes, but Michonne has got to be the most badass of them all. I love that he posed it to look like she had […]

Save 3% On Zombies VS Zombie Hunters!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50, toy soldiers are awesome to play with.  These Zombies VS Zombie Hunters plastic figures take the classic toy soldiers and give them a post-apocalyptic horror twist. The pack comes with 35 figures of both zombie hunters (SWAT or Hazmat units) and insatiable zombies. Halloween may be months […]

Get A Kissing Disease (Epstein-Barr) Plush Toy For Only $17.99!

This is a perfect gift for those who are sick of Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t want to go to sleep with a pink round figure that represents a kissing disease? It sounds much worse than it really looks; trust us. Giant Microbes is known for putting out a series of cute and cuddly viruses (yes, […]

Here Comes The King: It’s A Breaking Bad Chess Set!

If you ever think of doing a Walter White whenever a revenge plot comes to mind, we have a less violent yet equally satisfying suggestion. Breaking Bad is sometimes all about the morally ambiguous (and sometimes the straight up immoral). But think of all the messes that could have been avoided if they were solved […]

Desktop Ballista Brings Ancient Weaponry To Your Desk!

The ancient world was full of technological wonders that still amaze us modern men. The ballista is one of those wonders. It was a state-of-the-art artillery of the ancient Mediterranean world that could hurl projectiles strong enough to tear through rows of armored warriors hundreds of yards away. You can now have this piece of […]

Yoda Silently Judges Your Internet Habits For Only $12.95

Personally, I would never be comfortable having someone watch everything I’m doing on the computer. Not that I’m doing anything sketchy. It’s just… Weird. But if I had Yoda snooping around and staring at me while I read page after page of celebrity gossip scholarly articles, I wouldn’t mind as much. That’s why I’m loving this […]

The World’s First Super Mario Action Figure To Be Released This May!

He’s one of the most famous video game characters of all time–of all time! (Did we just hear Kanye West?) But Mario has apparently never been made into a full action figure before. S.H. Figuarts will release the full-sized Super Mario action figure this May 2014. Though many miniature Mario figures have been released as […]

Squeeze Out The Tension of Time Travel With A TARDIS Stress Ball

Has a pesky Cyberman got you down? Are you convinced your boss is an actual, real life Dalek? Release tension by squeezing this officially licensed TARDIS stress ball by Underground Toys. Feel as calm and cool as the Doctor and you’ll definitely find a way out of any mess. Get the TARDIS Stress Ball on […]

Geeky Alphabet Blocks Are The Best Way To Learn!

A is for Apple, B is for Boring! We’re way into the internet age, so it’s common sense that we have to update our stuffy old alphabet rhymes with awesome geek icons in comics, science, video games, and more. That’s exactly what awesome dad Jonathan M. Guberman did: create geeky alphabet blocks! There are 36 […]

The Learning Power of Lego!

Legos aren’t just great fun–or a great pain, if you step on them during the middle of the night. They’re very educational and popular with children as well. Whether it’s a simple square house or a detailed replica of the city of Gondor, playing with Legos stimulates creativity. Not yet convinced? Take a look at […]

The Motherload of Star Wars Toys

OK this is it, this is the greatest set of pictures of ORIGINAL Star Wars toys you will ever see. Period. Below are a series of pictures taken from approximately 1980 on-wards of Kenner Star Wars toys setup for sale in US stores in the mid-west taken from a post by Ron Salvatore on the […]

5 Geek Crafts that Make Great Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a present for an anniversary or a holiday, or you just want to surprise someone by letting them know how much they mean to you, there are plenty of ways that you can share your geekiness with handmade gifts. Geek crafts are the perfect way to express your […]

ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store Spotlight: Skulls, Brain Control, and Bowties

Earlier this week, we launched the Stiqblox Kickstarter Store. Geeks that we are, we ourselves enjoy browsing through the successfully funded Kickstarter projects we feature. Call it virtual window shopping, retail therapy, or whatever you want. All I know is that it does wonders for stress levels! Today, I’d like to share my picks of the […]

Win an Awesome Item of Your Choice From Gadgets and Gear

Boy, have we got some really cool stuff to give away this week! I’m going to dive straight in, as I am really excited about the items that online store Gadgets and Gear is giving away. Flying F#ck Helicopter So you don’t give a flying f#ck about [whatever]? Here’s the perfect toy to show that, […]