R2 Fish Training School


Do you love to watch your fish swim around in their tank? I sure do! For some reason, just sitting there and staring at my fish makes me feel relaxed. Most of the time, this works to clear my mind and get me ready to face whatever I have to face – like tons of […]

How to extract iPod songs using iTunes

When one of my friends’ MP3 player broke, he decided to get his money back, since the same problem was also being reported on other players of the same brand, and decided to buy an iPod Nano instead. When he received, and started using it, one of the first things that upset him was when […]

PSP Tips n' Tricks

Here is a blog post with some tips on doing more with your PSP than just playing games, like watching videos, listening to iTunes music and playing Flash-based games. They even work for updated PSP firmware (v2.7) First of all, this article won’t include anything “homebrewed” so if you dumb enough to update your PSP […]

Dreamhost Hosting Tips

I have been using Dreamhost for about a year now, and have really enjoyed my experience there. There are a few horror stories out there, but I think those are few and far between. I have learned a few things since hosting there that I thought I might share here for anyone that is currently […]

Check Disk Space in Linux

There are plenty of tools with which you can check your disk space. However, Linux already has a built in function to show you just what you need to know. Open a terminal window or push (ctrl+alt+F1 to go to console) and type: # df You will see something like this(your output may be different, […]

Reading PDFs On Your PSP

Have a PSP? Have a PDF you want to read on the run? Here is a tool that you can use to convert PDFs into JPEG images that are suitable for reading on your Sony Playstation Portable. PDF 2 PSP is a simple tool for converting PDF documents and print outs into JPEG images suitable […]

Fixing Firefox Slow Downs

Last December we showed you how to make Firefox faster and now we have found another tip that could speed up and fix those lockups you might be experiencing with Firefox. Disable the autoupdate feature in switchproxy (Note: This will cause you to lose the update link to pull from) Disable check for notification of […]