5 Geeky Vehicles You Can Really Drive

We all love the cars from our favorite geeky movies and TV shows. But how many of them can anybody actually get behind the wheel and drive (assuming money is no object)?

Fictional Characters: TRONned

Clearly, something about the Tron: Legacy aesthetic clicked for a lot of people. Since the movie’s release — heck, since way before that, even — CG artists, sketchers, and painters have been putting the Tron spin on cartoon characters, superheroes, video game characters, and much more. Here’s an exhaustive collection of more than 60 fictional/pop culture […]

Because We’re Not Sick of TRON Yet…

Disney XD has released a first trailer for TRON: Uprising, its upcoming animated series based on TRON: Legacy. Personally, I was surprised to find out that the series — which stars an eclectic voice cast that includes Elijah Wood, Lance Henrikssen, Mandy Moore, Paul Ruebens, and Bruce Boxleitner — takes place before Legacy, and not […]

Tron and Tron: Legacy Posters

I have to confess that I never saw Tron and was not aware of its existence until the buzz about Tron: Legacy started. Now that Twitter is filled with comments by people who saw Tron Legacy, my interest has been piqued. Meanwhile a lot of video clips and fan art are showing up making it […]

The Ultimate Christmas Present

We all have that one person in our lives who’s just impossible to shop for. If you’re facing that eternal conundrum (what do you get for the person who has everything?), and money is no object… have I got the thing for you! You’re looking at a real-life, actually-works, street-legal Tron Lightcycle, based on the […]

TRON Bit Paper Art

Tomorrow is the big day for TRON fans all over the world. Have you gotten movie tickets in advance or are you going to brave the elements and queue up with everyone else? I swear, this is the last TRON-related post I’ll put up for a while. This cool paper art is actually not new, […]

Playboy Gets Its Game On – Via TRON [NSFW]

The anticipation for TRON: Legacy is reaching new heights as the day of its release draws nearer and nearer. Speaking as one who has scored free tickets to the premiere showing here in my neck of the woods, I must say that all things TRON have been catching my eye lately. While I am not […]

Swedish Ice Hotel a la TRON: Legacy

Do you feel like spending your money on something that you will remember for the rest of your life? Can you stand the idea of freezing your private parts off by staying overnight at an ice hotel room? Are you a TRON fan? Then look no more. This sci-fi suite in Sweden should be more […]

Tron: Legacy Fan Made Trailer Gets High Praise From Films Producer

It’s one thing to cut together your own fan made trailer for a movie, it’s a whole different ball game when you make a Tron: Legacy trailer that’s so good that even the films producer Sean Bailey praises your awesome work. The clip, named “Rerezzed” was actually made before the “Derezzed” trailer came out, a […]

Hot Toys Announces Most Realistic Looking Tron Toy Yet

Hot Toys just announced one of the coolest Tron: Legacy toys to date. The Sam Flynn Lightcycle figure. Maybe it’s just me, but the photo of the toy above looks crazy realistic. In June I reported about the light projected toys from the movie and I thought those were pretty cool or at least sci-fi […]