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The TRON Video Game is going to ROCK

You have to see this. I’m not even kidding. This is footage of in-game play from Tron: Evolution, which was first shown off to attendees at PAX a few weeks back. I honestly forgot it was in my inbox until I just stumbled across it — and was floored by what I saw. I may […]

Did This 1930s Motorcycle Inspire the New Tron: Legacy Bike?

Built in 1936, the bike pictured above with the new Tron bike is a dead ringer for the motorcycle of the future. In fact if I didn’t know any better I would say the Tron: Legacy bike is a refurbished version with a new “glow” to the design and an much more odd handlebar placement. […]

More Tron toys: the Light Cycle rides up walls!

Yesterday James told you all about the new Tron Legacy action figures that light up. Today we have a full gallery of all of the planned Tron toys in gorgeous high-resolution images, including the action figs and a remote control Light Cycle toy (seen above) which can actually ride up walls and even on the […]

Tron Toys. Some Of The Coolest Action Figures Ever Created

Tron: Legacy looks to be a pretty cool telling of the Tron Series, but what has me really excited at the moment is the films really cool action figures created by SpinMaster. Watching the video below and looking at the picture to the right you’ll notice that the figures uniforms light up, but what makes […]