11 Playsets I Want in Disney Infinity

I’ve been having a blast playing Disney Infinity for a few weeks now, but I can’t help daydreaming of Disney properties I hope they add to the game.

20 Awesome Avengers Mashups

The Avengers is the movie of the year, one of the biggest hits of all time, and now a huge bestseller on home video. Check out how some fans celebrate their love of The Avengers and other geeky franchises.

DIY Tron Coffee Table

Who’s game for another awesome coffee table? I did not finish the original Tron movie. It took me even less time to decide I didn’t really feel like watching the more recent remake. I realize that could be considered blasphemy by some, but each to his own, right? That is not to say that I […]

Sci-Fi Drinking Games That Will Make You Host of the Year

Some people have the knack of being the life of the party or throwing parties that guests keep talking about in the months after. Then there are those who like throwing parties, but could use some help in making their events livelier. Nothing worse than a party where everyone sits or stands uncomfortably trying to […]

Fictional Characters: TRONned

Clearly, something about the Tron: Legacy aesthetic clicked for a lot of people. Since the movie’s release — heck, since way before that, even — CG artists, sketchers, and painters have been putting the Tron spin on cartoon characters, superheroes, video game characters, and much more. Here’s an exhaustive collection of more than 60 fictional/pop culture […]

World’s 10 Geekiest Tennis Shoes

Think you’ve got geek cred? These ten pairs of custom sneakers — celebrating everything from The Dark Knight to Xbox 360 — will prove you wrong.

Because We’re Not Sick of TRON Yet…

Disney XD has released a first trailer for TRON: Uprising, its upcoming animated series based on TRON: Legacy. Personally, I was surprised to find out that the series — which stars an eclectic voice cast that includes Elijah Wood, Lance Henrikssen, Mandy Moore, Paul Ruebens, and Bruce Boxleitner — takes place before Legacy, and not […]

The Ultimate Christmas Present

We all have that one person in our lives who’s just impossible to shop for. If you’re facing that eternal conundrum (what do you get for the person who has everything?), and money is no object… have I got the thing for you! You’re looking at a real-life, actually-works, street-legal Tron Lightcycle, based on the […]

The 12 Geek Trees of Christmas

The modern Christmas tree is more than a thing to put presents under. It’s a representation of your tastes, your hobbies, even your personality. Mash up some wildly outside-the-box creativity with the kind of devotion that only a geek can have, and you get some amazingly awesome Christmas trees. Like these. Dalek Tree Such a […]

TRON Bit Paper Art

Tomorrow is the big day for TRON fans all over the world. Have you gotten movie tickets in advance or are you going to brave the elements and queue up with everyone else? I swear, this is the last TRON-related post I’ll put up for a while. This cool paper art is actually not new, […]