The Games of 2011 — In LEGO

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This two-minute video highlights fifteen of the biggest games of 2011, by recreating them in LEGO animation. And it’s nothing but awesome.

E3: Sony Shows Off “PSVita” & 3D TV


PSVita. That’s the name Sony has given to its PlayStation Portable successor. And let’s just say that the name has been met with less enthusiasm than the device itself — which looks pretty darn great. Sony also showed off footage and demos from their hottest upcoming titles. But will 2011 always be Sony’s year of […]

Uncharted 3: Enter the Villain


You can’t have a great hero without a great villain, or so goes the adage. The hotly-anticipated third entry in the Uncharted series has just unveiled its dastardly mustache-twirler. But in this case, the creative team at Naughty Dog has given hero Nathan Drake a nemesis with two X chromosomes and some refined sophistication. Meet […]

11 Games to Watch in 2011


Everybody has their favorites. Any good list of upcoming games ought to include triple-A titles like Diablo III or Call of Duty 37 (or whatever CoD is sure to be out by year’s end). But this ain’t that kind of list. These are the top eleven games I can’t wait to see in 2011 — […]

This Week’s Best Game Vids

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It’s that time again. Pull up a chair, throw an extra log on the fire, and pour yourself a cuppa, ’cause we gonna watch us some killer new game trailers and dev diaries. Let’s start with a new look at Portal 2. This week Valve is showing off this pre-rendered CGI trailer that unveils the new […]

Fallon Gets First Uncharted 3 Hands-On

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Whether you find Jimmy Fallon funny or not, there’s no denying that the guy’s a hardcore geek. He was the first late-night talk show host to openly embrace technology and social media — something that most other hosts still haven’t entirely figured out. (Well, Conan gets it, but only recently.) Anyway… with Fallon’s geek cred, it’s […]

Game Vids: Special Edition

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Mass Effect 3. Elder Scrolls 5. Forza 4. Uncharted 3. Prototype 2. Resistance 3. Batman: Arkham City. SSX. And a certain Guillermo del Toro game… Spike’s Video Game Awards aired over the weekend, and while few gamers or industry insiders consider the awards themselves to be all that prestigious, the industry does always take the […]

Sony Unveils Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception


Long known to be in the pipeline but under intense secrecy until today, Sony has finally taken the wraps off of the third Uncharted game, which finds Nathan Drake on an adventure in the desert. The title? Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. And it’s coming late next year. As the title implies, deception is the game’s […]