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J.J. Abrams Making Portal/Half-Life Movies? Yes, Please

As if he doesn’t have enough on his plate, J.J. Abrams continues his bid to become the king of pop (geek) culture by teaming up with Valve for possible big-screen versions of the software giant’s two most-loved franchises: Half-Life and Portal.

Valve’s Epic Gift from Weta Workshop

The folks down at New Zealand’s Weta Workshop must be huge Portal fans. ‘Cause you’re not going to believe what they just sent to Portal maker Valve Software.

Valve Brings Steam to TV

No hardware yet, but Steam is coming to TV today! Also: after all that we’ve learned about Valve lately, it feels like the Half-Life developer is becoming known as the Apple of the gaming world: a magical, secretive place, kind of like the Chocolate Factory in real life.

Is Valve Making a Console?

A job opening posted to Valve’s website says very plainly that the company behind Half-Life and Portal is “jumping in” to the gaming hardware biz.

How The Matrix Looks in Source Filmmaker

A few weeks ago, I told you about Valve releasing its Source Filmmaker software to the public. One crafty user decided to see what a scene from The Matrix would look like rendered in Source, and the result speaks for itself.

Make Your Own Valve Movies

You know all those “Meet the…” videos that Valve makes to introduce Team Fortress 2 characters? Valve is giving away the software they use to make those short films. For free.

10 Things Learned from Valve’s Employee Handbook

Valve Software‘s Handbook for New Employees has been posted to the web, and it’s one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever read, revealing Valve to be a place with no managers, where power is shared equally by every employee. Valve is truly a one-of-a-kind working environment. You’ve never seen anything like this…

Valve Responds to Fan Petitions

A few weeks ago, a group of Valve fans got together to sign a petition for a “peaceful protest.” Their complaint was Valve’s refusal to comment on the future of the Half-Life franchise, since it’s been five long years since the release of HL: Episode Two.

Protesting Half-Life 3’s Absence

On Saturday, 13,000 Half-Life fans showed up on Steam to play Half-Life 2 multiplayer simultaneously. That’s 10k more HL2 players at one time than the Steam servers are accustomed to. Their reasons for gathering to play? They want to know the status of Half-Life 3.

No Half-Life 3 For You

The recent rumors flying around about Half-Life 3 being in active development with an announcement imminent, are total crap. But despite this, Valve is working on Half-Life. Just what iteration of Half-Life they’re working on is anybody’s guess, though. Let’s run down the possibilities.

I’m In Love With This ‘Portal’ Short Film

Wow. I mean seriously… wow! You’ve got to watch this 7-minute live action film that easily rivals anything Hollywood has to offer. No one’s ever managed to make a compelling movie out of a videogame, but this indie short takes ‘em all to school and proves that it can be done.

Team Fortress 2 Is Now Free-to-Play

With very little fanfare, Valve has suddenly made its popular online PvP shooter Team Fortress 2 a free game. As in, free to own, free to play, as much as you want. Forever.

Valve Is Making Defense of the Ancients 2

Familiar with Defense of the Ancients, the popular multiplayer mod for Warcraft III? It’s a unique take on an RTS (real-time strategy) where two teams of five players fight for a minimum of 40 minutes, trying to destroy the enemy’s base. Leveling up lets you stockpile equipment and money. It’s crazy popular on, Blizzard’s online […]

Portal 2 Vids Taste Like LSD

Presented today for your viewing enjoyment: a gaggle of Portal 2 trailers and demos that will “expand your mind.” (If you know what I mean.) Seriously, if you can watch all of these, and still walk in a straight line and touch your forefinger to your nose… then, well… you must not be watching it […]

Not only is it for your Mac, but Steam never looked this good

Before anything else, Portal is now out for the Macintosh via Steam. Yes folks, after more than six years, the gaming industry has finally recognized OS X as a viable gaming platform. Even if it’s just for Plants vs Zombies. I’ve been on Steam since 2004 and only because that was the easiest way I […]

NCSoft to release games through Steam

NCSoft has made a name for itself in the MMORPG genre. The company has published some of the most addictive MMORPGs in recent memory, including Guild Wars, City of Heroes and Lineage. In a bid to make its games more readily accessible, NCSoft has joined a growing number of publishers who are now using Valve’s […]