5 Trailers You Must Watch NOW

It’s a good day to be a geek. If you call yourself a fan of movies, television, or comic book superheroes, set aside about twenty minutes to watch some of the sweetest video you’ll see all week.

The Best iPad 2 Review – Ever!

If you think that your iPad is the best thing that Apple has ever come up with, think again! The rumor mill is ablaze with talk that the iPad 2 is coming out very very soon; although, as usual, no one can give any conclusive data. If you are detail kind of guy, then you […]

Ass cam confirms what we all know, men stare at women’s bottoms

Gentlemen have the benefit of having a unique perspective when it comes to women.  We know we stare at the bottoms of a nice-looking woman.  Case closed.   Or is it?

History of Gaming

You know what is cooler than a infographic about the history of gaming? A video about the history of gaming. You see someone playing these games, starting with an Oscilloscope from 1958, and I thought I had a hard time finding a NES console in good working condition. The ‘History of Gaming’ video was made […]

The Brick Thief

Ever wonder what happened to your lost LEGO Bricks? This (sort of) stop-motion short film explains where they’ve gone. (Spoiler: they’ve found a happy place.) The whimsical video takes you inside the mind of an inventor who cooks up ideas using LEGO Bricks as his inspiration. The Brick Thief is the second “LEGO Click” short […]

11 Games to Watch in 2011

Everybody has their favorites. Any good list of upcoming games ought to include triple-A titles like Diablo III or Call of Duty 37 (or whatever CoD is sure to be out by year’s end). But this ain’t that kind of list. These are the top eleven games I can’t wait to see in 2011 — […]

New Ghostbusters Game is Download-Only

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is the name of the next entry in the Ghostbusters video game franchise. Ghostbusters: The Video Game (man, I still need to play that one sometime…) was enough of a hit that Atari and Sony are planning a pseudo-sequel. It’s not a traditional sequel, because where the first game was an […]

There Is More to this MacBook than Meets the Eye

“Once you go MacBook, you won’t go back.” So I took a little liberty with that expression, but who cares? I think that anyone who has worked on one of these babies knows that it is quite hard to go back to a Windows machine – hard but not impossible. Now, if you were to […]

The History of Online Video

The biggest change in the history of the internet has to be the emergence of video and streaming platforms over the last years. We here at FG obviously are big fans and stream anything we can get our hands on. Whether it’s a Youtube video or Hulu, using tools such as the built-in iPlayer on […]

Most Creative Use of iPad Ever

I am completely mesmerized by this. Steve Jobs take note: this might be the most ingenious use of an iPad yet. A group of filmmakers made this nifty little film to explore three-dimensional typography. They use a proprietary program to show shapes on the iPad’s screen, and then drag those screens through a space that’s […]