The Science Behind The Avengers

science behind the avengers

Every comic book/superhero nerd has his own opinion about characters, story arcs, and so on. It is also normal to have one explain to you the plausibility of a certain superpower or technological tool in “real life” terms. It would actually be a surprise if they didn’t. After all, that’s what passion is all about. […]

90s Computer Hacking Supercut: A Whole New World

computer hacking supercut

Several months back, we shared a super cool video – 80s Computer Hacking Supercut. The same guys who brought us that video has moved on to the next decade, which arguably is an even better one. If you came of age in the 90s, then you’ll definitely enjoy this 90s computer hacking supercut from founditemclothing. […]

Fan-made Doctor Who Sequence Makes It Into the Show – For Real!

Doctor Who sequence

The experience of watching – and listening – to the intro sequence of Doctor Who is hard to beat, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, that is. And Billy Hanshaw from the UK certainly is one huge fan. He created an original Doctor Who original concept intro featuring Peter Capaldi – just because he could. […]