Caine’s Arcade Is a Cardboard Creation That Will Inspire You

Yesterday, I saw a video that made Monday a really inspiring day. You can’t say that of every Monday, can you? Thanks to Reddit, a little boy named Caine got rewarded – big time – for his creative efforts. Caine is a 9-year-old boy from California, who built his own arcade from scratch. Using old […]

Supermanning: the New Planking?

Forget Batmanning. Here’s a stunt that’s both geeky cool and far more dangerous than planking. Because “Supermanning” only works in a moving vehicle…


What would happen if Skyrim were made in the world of Minecraft? Here’s a well-made video that shows exactly what it would be like.

World’s Biggest Pinball Machine

Virtual pinball games — aka, video games that simulate the real deal — are nothing new. This one, however, takes the cake as the biggest virtual pinball ever.

Time Traveler Caught on Film?

Picture this: you’re from a future when time travel is possible, and you decide — just for kicks — to go back to the Hollywood premiere of a Charlie Chaplin movie in the roaring 20s. You even dress the part, to blend in. But you hit a snag when you accidentally wind up being filmed […]

Washing Machine Meets Brick

I can’t explain why this is so bizarrely funny. It just is. The video spends way too much time at the beginning watching an empty washing machine spin. It’s around the 50 second mark that the brick is finally tossed in, and that’s when the fun starts. Is watching a washing machine go bonkers funny […]

You Can't Say No to the Old Spice Guy

The Old Spice Guy, who goes by the name Isaiah Mustafa in real life, is a household name by now. Even if not everyone might know his real name, just say Old Spice Guy and you’ll be understood faster than you can say, well, Isaiah Mustafa. His recent gimmick of replying to voice mail and […]