iWant an iWatch


I need this. I do. Seriously. Sadly, they don’t make it yet. It’s just a concept cooked up by the clever folks at ADR Studio. Their concept design includes an aluminum body, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth (with which you can sync with your iPhone or iPad), an integrated RSS reader, 16GB of memory, a weather […]

This Clock is Powered by Human Hands

I must admit I’m a watch geek (more on this later). I’m mostly fond of mechanical watches and chronographs. But here’s something that would surely fancy the mind of anyone interested in timepieces: a human powered clock. Part of Marteen Baas’ Real Time project, the clock shows you a human hand erasing and redrawing the […]

This wrist phone at least looks great


I already had my rant about the LG wrist wratch phone, but this concept design of a wrist wratch Bluetooth phone (Try saying that 10 times without stuttering!), I must admit looks cool. Designer Pedro Gomez calls it _technically_ a bracelet with watch and phone. When someone calls, the bracelet rings and/or vibrates. The entire […]