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iWant an iWatch

I need this. I do. Seriously. Sadly, they don’t make it yet. It’s just a concept cooked up by the clever folks at ADR Studio. Their concept design includes an aluminum body, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth (with which you can sync with your iPhone or iPad), an integrated RSS reader, 16GB of memory, a weather […]

Five concept watch designs that make you calculate the time

Inspired by the likes of Tokyo Flash watches, I started thinking about some concept watch designs that would force the wearer to work the old grey matter in order to work out what time it was. Some offer more precision that others, and some are easier to read, but all are definitely not your average […]

This Clock is Powered by Human Hands

I must admit I’m a watch geek (more on this later). I’m mostly fond of mechanical watches and chronographs. But here’s something that would surely fancy the mind of anyone interested in timepieces: a human powered clock. Part of Marteen Baas’ Real Time project, the clock shows you a human hand erasing and redrawing the […]

Imposter! Iron Samurai Japanese LED watch you can easily tell the time on

I love Japanese watches though I’ve never owned one and they’re not usually the easiest timepieces to actually tell the time with — not to begin with anyway. Yet here comes a definite imposter. Take a look at the Iron Samurai red LED watch and you’ll see that it features standard digits. OK, so the […]

Alpha Centauri red LED watch: futuristic time telling

Long-time Forever Geek readers will know that we have a special interest in cool watches, particularly the amazing variety of head-scratching timepieces from Japan. For those who want something of that, but don’t want to pay top dollar (or yen) for the privilege, check out the Alpha Centauri all metal Red LED watch, available for […]

Social Media watches

Yo dawg, I heard you liek social media! Well now you can show off your addiction with these social media watches. Only $18.

Watch-style USB 4-port hub. Does data, not time-telling

If you thought the Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch in our 10 Crazy and Weird USB Sticks post was taking things – marrying watches and USB – too far, then you’d better look away now because here’s another one. This one doesn’t even have a fancy name – it’s just a watch-style USB 4-port […]

Casio shows off two new watches: the advanced and the classy

I love watches, despite the fact that I haven’t worn one since the battery died on my last watch over three years ago. Though I don’t need half the functions on the cool watches I’m showing off here (it’s a simple left turn from my bedroom to my computer room, after all, so getting back […]

Hyundai to launch MB-910 mobile phone watch in UK

Now look, what is it about mobile phone wristwatches all of a sudden. First we see the bizarre LG Wrist Watch Phone and then the more visually appealing bracelet phone (sadly just a concept), and now Hyundai has decided there’s enough interest to make its MB-910 watch phone. It was shown at Mobile World Congress […]

This wrist phone at least looks great

I already had my rant about the LG wrist wratch phone, but this concept design of a wrist wratch Bluetooth phone (Try saying that 10 times without stuttering!), I must admit looks cool. Designer Pedro Gomez calls it _technically_ a bracelet with watch and phone. When someone calls, the bracelet rings and/or vibrates. The entire […]

Awesome On Air concept watch design

The ON AIR Wrist Watch, designed by Turkey designer Iskender Asanaliev, only has one hand, the hour hand. Additionally the hour hand also indicates the minutes in numbers. I love both concept and ultra-slick design of the watch.Another novelty of the watch is how to set the time: push the button for 5 seconds and […]

Get a real nerdy watch, not a wrist phone

Probably I am the only who thinks this way but the LG Wrist Watch Phone is totally retarded, although cool. Retarded because imagine being in a restaurant and speaking to your watch. WTF! Unless you’re Dick Tracey the watch/phone will make you look like a retard. I had the awesomest watches, even a Swatch The […]

Casio's Atomic Solar Watch

How much better can you get? Seriously, the words “atomic” and “solar” in one phrase – wow! I have never been much of a watch person (watch as in wrist watch) but Casio’s latest release is something that no one can resist. Dubbed the Casio G-Shock MTG-1500, the wristwatch is no ordinary gadget. Coming from […]

TISSOT's SEA-Touch dive watch: luxury touchscreen Swiss timepiece

TISSOT SEA-Touch divers watchFor the serious diver (or city faker who likes to fool people into thinking he's just come back from the Pacific) comes some serious wrist wear.Swiss luxury watchmaker TISSOT has just shown off the SEA-Touch dive watch. It has many of the features a diver would need, including a diver's log book for tracking previous dives, dive depth and speed displayed on its luminescent hands, thermometer and compass. There's also an alarm, calendar, stopwatch and time zone function.