Classy Anime Watches


Are you an office worker that likes anime? Or perhaps an anime fan that likes to go to gatherings of the social elite? Are you embarrassed about wearing your brightly-coloured K-ON watch? While a lot of anime watches are nice to wear to show off your pride as a fan, sometimes those timepieces look more […]

James Bond Never Had a Watch This Cool


Heck, even Dick Tracy’s cool video phone watch can’t hold a candle to this bad boy. This concept from designer Alexey Chugunnikov is a combination time-telling device and telephone, doing both things in unexpected, futuristic ways. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, yet it’s gloriously within reach. And you want one.

This Clock is Powered by Human Hands

I must admit I’m a watch geek (more on this later). I’m mostly fond of mechanical watches and chronographs. But here’s something that would surely fancy the mind of anyone interested in timepieces: a human powered clock. Part of Marteen Baas’ Real Time project, the clock shows you a human hand erasing and redrawing the […]