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For the Nice (and the Naughty): Best Graphic Novels to Give for Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, you might be wondering what to give to friends for Christmas. Even as we take pride in being a website for geeks, allow us to suggest a few graphic novels for you that your friends will surely appreciate (whether they be geeky or not). 1. Watchmen Alan Moore […]

20 Awesome Avengers Mashups

The Avengers is the movie of the year, one of the biggest hits of all time, and now a huge bestseller on home video. Check out how some fans celebrate their love of The Avengers and other geeky franchises.

Best Easter Eggs Ever

In honor of Easter, here are 23 eggs that get my vote for the greatest and geekiest ever.

DIY Rorschach Mask

Rorschach is perhaps the most popular character in The Watchmen. He is also arguably the most intriguing one. I bet that you have more than once wished that you had a mask just like his. I know I wouldn’t mind wearing one to a costume party!

Watchmen Review

Zack Snyder‘s stylish adaptation of the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic novel has certainly taken a long time to reach the silver screen. Has it been worth the wait though? Oh yes. The film follows closely to the graphic novel, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have appeal to those who don’t know […]

First Black Freighter Trailer Released

The first trailer of Alan Moore’s Tales of the ‘Black Freighter’ has been exclusively released at Set for a release on March 24th on DVD, the Watchmen subplot “Under The Hood” is the recreation of the autobiographical film about the Original Night Owl, Hollis Mason. ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ is written by Alan […]

Upcoming Superhero/Graphic Novel Movies for 2009/2010

It seems that every year more and more comic books and graphic novels are making the passage from the page to the big screen. Hollywood has cottoned on that not only are these art forms quite often full of great stories but they come complete with an already made fan base who will flock to […]