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First Look: LEGO Lord of the Rings

Remember how we just learned last week that LEGO Batman 2 will feature speaking characters — a first for a LEGO video game? Well, today Warner Bros. Interactive (finally) took the wraps off of LEGO Lord of the Rings, and it looks like these characters will speak, too, using dialogue taken straight from the films.

DC Superheroes Go All Mortal Kombat

The creators of Mortal Kombat have set their sights on the DC Comics universe, and they’re taking no prisoners. The result is Injustice: Gods Among Us, a brand new PvP fighting game that stars all of DC’s most popular characters.

Holy Open LEGO World, Batman!

I enjoy all of the LEGO video games, but I’m genuinely excited about LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for an entirely different reason. For the first time ever, a LEGO game will feature an open world that you can explore and play through however you like.

LEGO LotR Game IS Happening!

I knew it! Traveler’s Tales, Warner Bros., and LEGO are teaming up once again to produce another LEGO video game based on a major Hollywood property. They’ve done Star Wars, they’ve done Harry Potter, they’ve done Indiana Jones, and even Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s just no way they weren’t going to do LEGO Lord […]

First Look: LEGO Batman 2

I was surprised at how good the first LEGO Batman game was. It pulled from all corners of Batman comics, TV, and film, and added a superhero twist to LEGO gameplay that made the whole thing feel new again. Join us in getting ready for LEGO Batman 2 with the first trailer and screens.

Will You Pay to Play Used Games Online?

EA, Sony, THQ, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. Interactive have all announced plans to start charging for “Online Passports,” which will be required purchases for players who want to play with used game discs. Specifically, these $10 passports will be needed to play multiplayer games (like Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco, pictured above), but there’s nothing to keep […]

What We Learned from E3 About Batman: Arkham City

So I’ve finally gotten around to playing Batman: Arkham Asylum lately. Yeah, I know, I’m way behind the curve. It got to be one of those games that kept be swept to the bottom of the pile. Shouldn’t have, but did. And of course I’m learning that the game does indeed rock every bit as […]

A Look at Gotham City Impostors

Warner Bros. took the wraps off Gotham City Impostors at E3 last week, showing off its unique blend of PvP gunplay and Batman lore. The downloadable title, coming to Xbox Live, PSN, and PC, is being produced by Monolith, the makers of No One Lives Forever and F.E.A.R. The premise behind the game finds ordinary […]

LEGO Harry Potter 2 Coming This Year

TT Games is set to work their LEGO magic once again by the end of this year, with LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. The game is set to release by this Christmas, on every game system known to man — including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, Sony’s new handheld the NGP (will that be out […]

A “Batman With Guns” PvP Game

How’s this for a game pitch: a player vs. player shooter set in Batman‘s city, where players create customized “imitation” characters based on Batman and Joker, and shoot it out with one another. Wow. Talk about a bold concept.

Might the Green Lantern Tie-in Game Be Good?

I love watching these professionally-made CG trailers and cutscenes from video games. They’re always a lot more impressive than the games they advertise, thanks to the hefty budget they have to work with. Sadly, you can’t judge a game on the quality of its pre-rendered vid, because it’s never reflective of the actual gameplay. And […]

This is Why Batman: Arkham City is Going to KILL

As tired as I am of this trend of slow-mo video game trailers set to moody rock songs, even I have to admit this one’s killer. This new trailer offers our first real look at Batman: Arkham City‘s actual gameplay (previous trailers have shown only CGI animation), and it gives you a hint of the […]