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YouTube Series Mario Warfare is a Must-Watch!

Yes, it’s about the Super Mario Bros., and that being said, there’s no more need to try to convince you to give this YouTube series a go, is there? Just in case, though, we all know that TV season is at a low point, so you’re probably catching up on series or watching re-runs, but […]

Delta Blue, the New Genre-Bending Web Series

We all love a good genre bend. From the space-westerns of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop to the golden clockwork of Steampunk literature, the classics all have a sense of familiarity and thrilling wonder of the new. Delta Blue is the next step in a long lineage of retro-futuristic depictions of morality, humor, and edge-of-your-seat entertainment. […]

Half-Life Live Action Web Series – The Freeman Chronicles

Do you remember the good old days of staying up all night – and through the next day – playing Half-life with your friends? I was fortunate enough to have a cousin who owned a computer shop, so weekend nights were spent at theirs, with the entire clan playing Half-life to our hearts’ content. If […]