The Ladies of Game of Thrones Go Disney

What happens when the ladies of Game of Thrones go Disney? They get cutesified, of course, but I love how artist Sam Tsui found little bits of similarities between the Disney princesses and the ladies of our favorite HBO fantasy TV show. In spite of the cuteness softening the characters, some of their edginess does […]

Game of Thrones in Minecraft is Mind-Boggling

A group of cunning Minecraft players are building the entire world of Westeros, from Game of Thrones, aka A Song of Ice and Fire, in incredible, blocky-pixelated detail. I’ve never seen a Minecraft build so insanely intricate as this.

Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite Fantasy World?

[polldaddy poll=5860062] In the pantheon of fantasy, there are gazillions of worlds encompassing everything from Dorothy’s Oz to the Greek mythology of Clash of the Titans to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sunnydale. This week’s poll presents five of the most popular fantasy worlds. Which is your favorite?