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What is the Future of Motion Control in Video Games?

When it introduced the Wii, Nintendo showed us that there’s more to video game controllers than just pressing buttons. Interestingly, the results of Nintendo’s motion control experiment went better than expected: the Wii became the top-selling console of its generation and the third best-selling console of all time. When the games industry realised that Nintendo […]

Nintendo Finally Enters the Network Race

Xbox was the first out of the online network gate with Xbox Live in 2002. Sony got into the swing of things four years later with PSN (though the paid subscription arm of their service, PSN Plus, just launched in 2010). At long last, Nintendo has decided to step up to the plate with the […]

5 Black Friday Gamer Deals You Can’t Miss

Because I love you, dear reader. That’s why I scoured through all of the Black Friday ads to compile this list of the best deals for scoring quality gaming hardware at deep discounts. ‘Cause if you’re going out on Thanksgiving night to wait in line in the cold, darn it you should know if it’s […]

This Is How Zelda: Skyward Sword Begins

The 3-minute animation that opens The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has leaked, and you can watch the whole thing right here. It’s a beautiful, watercolor-on-parchment style animation, though the English translation of this Japanese version is typically broken — and kinda cute.

When Will Sony & Microsoft Release New Consoles?

Now that Nintendo has announced its intentions to jump the generational gap with the forthcoming Wii U, chatter around the industry inevitably must turn to its two chief rivals, and when they might answer Nintendo’s challenge with brand new hardware of their own.

E3: Everything You Want to Know About Wii U

E3 isn’t even halfway over yet, but many are saying that Nintendo has already stolen the show with the announcement of its next home console, dubbed “Wii U.” (I wouldn’t have thought it possible for Nintendo to come up with an even worse name than “Wii.”) Yes, it’s a successor to the Wii, using the […]

E3 2011 Predictions

E3 is just two weeks away! Can you believe it? What delicious (and what vaporware) delights will E3 2011 bring to gamers? What surprises do Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have in store for their pre-E3 media extravaganzas? What games will walk away from the week with the heaviest buzz? It’s impossible to predict what secrets […]

Nintendo’s Next Console Coming in 2012

The long-rumored successor to the Wii is real, and it’s going to be unveiled at E3 in June. Compiling data from various reports, it sounds as though Nintendo is going well beyond a “Wii HD,” instead trying to revolutionize the industry once again with something unprecedented. Dubbed “Project Café” by Nintendo, the new console’s existence […]

Review: uDraw Game Tablet

I feel funny calling this a game review, because a game this is not. But it does run on a standard Wii game console. uDraw Studio, the software that comes packaged with THQ’s uDraw Game Tablet, is essentially an artist’s studio and palette, providing all of the tools needed to create your masterpiece. So is […]

How Do Kinect’s Sales Numbers Compare?

So there’s a press release making the rounds today about how Microsoft’s new Xbox motion controller Kinect has sold one million units in its first 10 days. This is big news for Xbox because Microsoft has made big noise about wanting to sell 5 million Kinect units by the end of this year, and they […]

Will ‘The Sims’ Work on Consoles?

Anytime a game is ported from PC to console or vice versa, it’s always an exercise in showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. This week’s release of The Sims 3 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii — the first ever Sims game to receive a full-fledged port from PC to all three […]

A 3rd-Party Wiimote I’d Actually Buy

What happens when you combine a video game controller with LEGO? A holy blessed geekgasm, that’s what. LEGO has teamed up with Nintendo to offer a new Wiimote that hardcore gamers are going to go bonkers over. Oh, and kids will dig it, too. It’s the “LEGO Play and Build Remote for Nintendo Wii,” and […]

How Storytelling Works in ‘Epic Mickey’

The more I see of Epic Mickey, the more excited I become. And I’m not a big Mickey Mouse fan. The game just looks like an amazingly polished experience. Is this the game that finally justifies the Wii to non-Nintendo fanboys? We’ll find out November 30th. In the meantime, here’s a brand new trailer that […]

Epic Mickey’s Journey

Check out this awesome new trailer for Epic Mickey, which has just been given an official release date: November 30th. This is one game I can’t wait to get my hands on (even though my feelings toward the Wii have cooled). Looks like the perfect kids game that adults will love, too.

Why Don't We Greet Super Mario a (Belated) Happy 25th Birthday?

In case you  missed it  – as I did – Super Mario Bros. celebrated its 25th anniversary last Monday, September 13!  Truth be told, I had to think whether or not to write about it two days late, but what the heck – better late than never, right?  After all, this is the only year […]

WiiMotes That Could Be, WiiMotes That SHOULD Be

The news of a sonic screwdriver WiiMote on the way for Nintendo Wii for Britons (no US release planned, sadly) as reported here this week gave me pause. Not just because it would be so incredibly, epic awesome to own one of those controllers, but because I can think of a bunch of other controller […]

uDraw for Wii Brings Out the Artist in You

Another day, another Wii peripheral. But this family-friendly add-on doesn’t come from Nintendo, it’s from game developer THQ. (Which is interesting in and of itself, since THQ is best known for hardcore titles like UFC, Red Faction, and DarkSiders. But I digress.) The uDraw GameTablet is quite simply, a tablet for drawing on your screen. […]

PDP Showcases TRON Controllers

I have a confession, and please don’t think any less of me because of it. Here goes…I haven’t seen TRON. Of course, I know what it is – how can anyone not? – but I have not seen the film for myself. With Robin’s recent posts about TRON action figures, though, my curiosity has reached […]

My Wii Fit Experience: A Geeky And Fun Way To Exercise

The Wii Fit Balance Board has been in the market for quite some time now, but it’s only recently that I was able to try it out myself. I must say, contrary to an old post about the Wii Fit in FG before, I personally find  the Wii Fit a fun (and geeky) way to […]