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Careless laptop users emitting Wi-Fi and alerting thieves

One of the latest warning issued by a security specialist is that of turning off your Wi-Fi connection before hibernating your notebook PC. According to Credant Technologies, some users are unwittingly advertising the location of their laptop to anyone with a cheap off-the-shelf handheld wireless signal detector. Apparently one of the global hotspots for this […]

Wi-Fi Body Scale transmits your weight to web and iPhone

Wirelessly connected medial and health devices aren’t brand new, but French tech company Withings claims to have created the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled body scale. No longer do you have to put up with those boring bathroom scales that simply tell you on a dial or LED readout what your weight is. Now you can […]

PC gaming on the big screen with the IGUGU Gamecore

Though it’s not really that difficult to get your PC to display on a big TV, it’s possibly beyond casual users. Add to this the fact that you could still be shackled to keyboard and mouse and you have a bit of a problem if you want the freedom to play games like your mates […]

Update your laptop to latest wireless standard with D-Link

Go back a few years and it wasn’t uncommon to get hold of a laptop without built-in Wi-Fi capability. Those days have all but gone, though there are still a lot of laptops that only have the 802.11g wireless standard. Not a pushover when it comes to speed, but not as fast as the latest […]

Aqua Soundz Speaker is waterproof and wireless

There are some pretty nifty speakers around, but here’s one that’d be equally at home in your bath or shower as in your outdoor pool. The stereo Aqua Soundz Speaker (I’ll forgive them using the letter ‘z’ in the title to make it sound cooler) will happily float on water or sit on any flat […]

Asus Wireless eee Keyboard PC Video available

We have reported before on the Asus eee Keyboard PC, with wireless HDMI and touchpad. The guys from UMPC Portal have now released a video. The video reinforces first impression and this could very well be the first of the computer of the future. Control everything multimedia in your house via your wireless keyboard PC.

ASUS goes wireless with the Eee Keyboard PC

The Eee Keyboard PC reminds me of the days when all the computer components were built in underneath the keyboard and you hooked it up to a TV – well, except that this version is a lot slimmer and faster, you can connect it to a high definition TV, it can work wirelessly, and it […]

Samsung's wireless printers

Oh no… I hope my uncle’s not reading this today because I’m sure he’d head on over to the nearest Office Depot to get this wireless printer! I’m not too sure what’s he got with printers that he always need to get the latest ones. I’ve been helping him out all week last week to […]