DC Licensed Sexist Tees Bashed by Fans

Let’s admit it, anything sexist gets the attention of people. Some women get offended more easily than others. Some men laugh at it, while others agree with how distasteful things are – depending on the specific situation. In this particular case, DC licensed sexist tees are getting “fans” all riled up because, well, they are […]

Eye Candy for the Week: Wonder Woman Fan Art

Wonder Woman has always been a difficult character to pin down. One the one hand, some say that she’s the epitome of a feminist. She’s an Amazonian princess after all. On the other hand, she does have that soft-hearted side, and after being exposed to the world, she doesn’t seem to have that strong hatred […]

Superhero Rock Stars Take Center Stage

If ever there would be a time where aspiring to be a groupie would actually become culturally acceptable, my guess is it’s when it would involve superhero rock stars. They already have the talent and skill to do extraordinary things. It’s pretty logical that these extra ‘extras’ would make damn fine musicians. Super artist Andrés Moncayo designed […]

These Comic Collages By Mike Alcantara Are Uniquely Cool

Awesome artist Mike Alcantara, like many other comic book fans, show his love for the medium through fan art. But what’s unique about his nerd art is that he creates one of a kind collages completely out of comic. No ink or paint at all! You can check out his DeviantArt, his Facebook for more […]

6 DC Comics Hotties We Need On Our Movie And TV Screens

While Marvel Comics have been lording it over the big screen, DC Comics has been slowly invading our televisions. With Smallville and Green Arrow as their most popular offerings (a moment of silence for Birds of Prey and the Wonder Woman show that never made it to life), we can also expect to see a […]

Peep At These Superheroine Pulp Romance Novels!

The popularity of pulp romance novels may have waned, but boy are we willing to snap these books up if they had superheroines on them! Artist Tony Fleecs designed a series of tasteful superheroine pulp romance novel covers, with some hints to each character’s backstory. (Check out the bonus Sweet Valley High parody.) We bet […]

Girl Power: Heroines that kick serious ass

There is a saying that “behind every great man is a great woman.” Personally, we’d like to throw that expression out the door as we list down several current superheroines who stand on their own two feet and are just as bad-ass as any dude. Wonder Woman Any conversation about superheroines won’t be complete with […]

Win Geeky Phone Cases From Geek Covers!

Just because we like anything that brings even the tiniest smile on a Monday, we’re giving away FIVE geeky phone cases today. Thanks to Geek Covers, five of you (US and Canada readers) will be sporting brand new geeky phone cases soon. Geek Covers is run by Chris from Phoenix, Arizona. His mantra: Cool cases, […]

Can ‘Super!’ Save The Superhero Comic?

This is a guest post by Justin Pitt who is currently promoting his indie comic Super! on Kickstarter. Long before comic book movies captivated the imaginations of the entire world, comic books did the same, providing the world with the perfect blend of art and story and giving birth to a new genre of characters: […]

WWII Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has always been a huge favourite among comic fans, not to mention those who dress up as superheroes for whatever occasion. There is no lack of Wonder Woman costumes that are ready to wear, whether you search for them online or offline. For those who are dead serious about the quality of their […]