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The Order of X: X-Men in the Middle Ages [Concept Art]

What if The X-Men existed in the Middle Ages? The possibilities are endless (and who says some of them weren’t around then anyway?), and if you ask artist Nate Hallinan, what you will get is The Order of X. He created The Order of X, a collection of concept art depicting The X-Men as lords […]

10 X-Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

Many of you have probably seen the latest X-Men flick by now, and you might be left wanting – for more X-Men goodness. What we’ve got for you today is more than X-Men goodness, though. It’s all about crossing universes, franchises, and whatnot, tapping into the creative minds of our generation. So we present to […]

When the Big Bang Theory Meets the X-Men

Based on Sheldon’s t-shirts, it seems that he is partial to DC and not Marvel, but this Big Bang Theory Xmen mashup by Axel Medellin is a humorous take on the characters. You’ll have to click and enlarge the image to read the lines, which make up half the fun. The other half is the […]

You Complete Me: The Best Pets in Comics

Just as most of us enjoy the companionship of a dog or cat, there are several pets that have helped some of our favorite superheroes in comics. Beyond being a mere soundingboard for the heroes to have dialogues, these pets have also often been heroes in their own right. (Note: no Rocket Raccoon or G’Nort […]

6 Geeky Movies We Can’t Wait To See This 2014

Ask anyone about the best decade in geeky movies and 9 out of 10 times, they’ll point to the 80’s. (Don’t listen to that one person who disagreed.) We had Blade Runner, Tron, Terminator, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Star Trek.. The list goes on. It’s too early to say if this decade can […]

I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics

For any superhero to get anywhere, they need to be able to travel. Since not all our protagonists can just take flight or teleport, they’ve had to use some unique forms of transportation to get to their desired destination. Here are some of our favorites. The Batmobile Like there was ever any doubt? Throughout its […]

I Don’t Know What To Feel About This: Hipster Superheroes

Artist Phillip Sevy is talented, no doubt about that. My feelings about his latest pieces are much more up to interpretation though. If you’ve ever wondered what the Batman universe or the X-Men universe would look like if everyone in it were hipsters, then Sevy has an answer for you. I admit my bias against […]

For the Nice (and the Naughty): Best Graphic Novels to Give for Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, you might be wondering what to give to friends for Christmas. Even as we take pride in being a website for geeks, allow us to suggest a few graphic novels for you that your friends will surely appreciate (whether they be geeky or not). 1. Watchmen Alan Moore […]

What Is the Deal With Wolverine’s Hair?

Is it just me? I mean, seriously. It bugs me. I don't mean how his hair goes up to those two points on the sides. Of course it's going to do that. He's Wolverine. I'm wondering why Hollywood can't seem to decide how to create Logan's iconic hairstyle. Let me show you.

Meet the Samurai X-Men

Have you ever imagined what the X-Men would look like if they were samurai warriors? Maybe not, but there is merit in doing so. And, if you like the X-Men and think that the ancient samurais kicked ass, then the Samurai X-Men art set by deviantART user genesischant will delight you. He describes himself as […]

The Future Is Legion

One of the most welcome developments of Marvel Now, is the news that the focus of X-Men Legacy is going to be the errant son of Professor Xavier himself, David Haller, the mutant otherwise known as Legion. Just on the off chance that you do not know, David Haller is one of the most powerful […]

Everything Old Is New Again

On the eve of San Diego Comic Con, which is the equivalent to Christmas for any die-hard fan, we are all waiting with baited breath to see just what goodies will be revealed. Not just through the carefully composed press releases, but from those valuable moments in the panels where the creators are put on […]

Personality Clashes

So, now we are firmly entrenched in Marvel’s summer crossover of their greatest two super-teams at each other’s throats. Isn’t it a little early for summer? When I first heard of this particular ‘Event’, I must confess that my eyes raised heavenward, thinking that Marvel were rather scraping the bottom of the barrel. After a […]

Crusades New And Old

After a quiet couple of weeks, today has a shipping list that I am really excited about, and there is not a Fantastic Four related issue in sight! Firstly, we have the long awaited conclusion of the Avengers’ Children’s Crusade. Not before time, either. Considering this nine-issue (with two specials) series started publication way back […]

Picks Of The Month

While preparations for the festive season no doubt eat into every spare moment, the opportunity to sit and read the weekly pull list becomes rather segmented. So this week, I thought I would review many of the titles being released this week, and maybe recommend some titles for those quiet moments once the festivities have […]

X-Men Minimalist Posters

The X-Men may not be the main thing on your mind this Monday morning, but I am pretty sure that these X-Men minimalist posters will keep you busy for a while. We got a tip from the creator of the posters, and while we don’t post everything that is brought to our attention, I think […]

The Future Is Coming

Having only finished my pile of comics from last week over breakfast this morning, I thought I would spend a moment with Marvel, or more specifically, Marvel Point One. Today we see the shipment of Avengers #19, one of the issues that Marvel Point One claims heralds the return of Ultron. Now I fail to […]

Bold New Directions?

I wonder if in years to come, we will look back at 2011 and consider it to be a great year for change within the comics industry? Or have we had quite enough changes already so far, thank you very much? The DC Universe rebooted itself (again), just the one Earth this time. I think.  […]

11 Superhero Movies That Never Escaped Development Hell

With all of the great superhero movies that there have been, there’ve been quite a few stinkers as well. And then there have been some that never made it before cameras — both promising sounding scripts and some that were so very, very bad. Here are 11 superhero films that might have been.