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This is What the Next Xbox Will Look Like

It’s not the real deal, but it’s reportedly a very trustworthy mockup, created by Xbox World magazine. Clear a space in the living room, because this is coming.

Microsoft Points are Finally Going Away

Everybody hates Microsoft Points. They’re stupid, unnecessary, and deceptive. At long last, Microsoft has heard our cries and is doing away with them. Just not on the Xbox — yet.

Leaked Docs Show the Xbox’s Future

The third major Xbox console is real, and it’s coming. Possibly as soon as Christmas of next year, if this leaked 2-year-old PowerPoint presentation document is to be believed.

E3 2012: Xbox

Microsoft came out swinging when it kicked off E3 2012 at its annual media briefing this morning. Xbox wowed the audience with a big Halo 4 presentation, the surprise announcement of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and much more.

No Discs for Next-Gen Xbox’s Games?

MCV is reporting today that they have it on good authority that Microsoft’s third-generation Xbox, the 360’s successor, might just ditch optical disc drives altogether in favor of digital downloads.

Xbox Working on Standalone Kinect Console

Is this earth-shattering news, or just “yeah, duh”? The Daily is reporting an exclusive scoop today that Microsoft is working on its own answer to the likes of AppleTV and Boxee, in the form of a Kinect set-top box that doesn’t require an Xbox to run.

Here Comes Xbox’s Live TV

Back at E3, Xbox promised us live TV, but was mum on details. Today, Microsoft is explaining how they’re going to make live TV a reality on your Xbox 360 this holiday season: with the help of almost 40 entertainment providers around the world.

Xbox Live Is Getting Bing-ified

“Metro” is the codename of this Fall’s annual Xbox Live update, which among other things is going to make your dashboard look an awful lot like Bing mixed with Windows Phone 7. Here’s a breakdown of the major changes you can expect.

We Got Your ‘Summer of Arcade’ Games Right Here

Every Summer, Microsoft gathers a killer lineup of great Xbox Live Arcade games and releases them once-per-week over a month or so. It’s happened for several years now, and many Xbox users have begun looking forward to this tradition because the games in the “Summer of Arcade” are usually top-notch. Here’s this year’s complete roster, […]

E3: Xbox Unveils Halo 4, Kinect Fable, Live TV

This morning in Los Angeles, Microsoft promised to show off “the future of gaming,” and their vision of the future clearly looks an awful lot like Kinect. Let’s go over the highlights — and loads of screens & vids… Xbox always has a lively show, keeping things moving fast from one game to the next, never […]

Xbox Launches Rewards Program

Nintendo has Club Nintendo. Now Microsoft has created “Xbox Live Rewards” to reward players for doing things they already do. What’s the reward? Microsoft Points, which you can use to buy anything on Xbox Live, just like other MS Points you purchase with your own money. So what do you have to do to earn […]

How Do Kinect’s Sales Numbers Compare?

So there’s a press release making the rounds today about how Microsoft’s new Xbox motion controller Kinect has sold one million units in its first 10 days. This is big news for Xbox because Microsoft has made big noise about wanting to sell 5 million Kinect units by the end of this year, and they […]

A Primer For Today’s Xbox Dashboard Update

Today Microsoft has unveiled a major overhaul to the Xbox Dashboard which comes complete with a ton of new features and enhancements. While the aesthetic improvements may seem small — on-screen selections are now flat panels, similar to the Zune interface — but there’s a lot that’s been changed under the hood, with a serious […]

Big Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes at has just undergone a major upgrade and overhaul, and Xbox Live users will find lots of enhancements to their overall experience. The facelift’s biggest new feature is the new Avatar editor where you can now create and edit your Xbox Live Avatar right from your browser. This is something Xbox users have longed for, […]

I Didn't Even Know R2-D2 Was a Gamer…

Brian De Vitis is a freaking genius. A mechanical engineering grad student from UCLA, he built this fully-functional R2-D2 replica that’s so much more than an R2-D2 replica. Hidden within its innards are ten game consoles. Yes, I said ten. There’s an NES, Super NES, N64, GameCube, PS2, PSP, Sega Genesis (which, of course, is […]

Review: Halo Reach

Halo: Reach is more than just Bungie’s magnum opus for the Halo series. It’s a love letter to the franchise’s multitude of fans, in the form of a “greatest hits” compilation of everything the series has done right. But that’s not to say that Reach is unwilling to try new things. This final installment of […]

2.5 Minutes of Awesome Scifi Action

In case you haven’t heard, there’s this little indie game coming out next week called Halo: Reach. A full, extended version of the “Deliver Hope” live action short film that Microsoft commissioned for Halo: Reach has found its way online, and man is it a doozy. Full of killer battle scenes on a planet burning […]

Xbox Live Arcade Prepares ‘Game Feast’

Following up on the “Summer of Arcade” that featured awesome downloadable games like Limbo, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, and Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light, Xbox Live Arcade is planning another month-long set of four A-list games, all of which look just as wildly creative and original as the summer titles. Here’s a full breakdown […]