Check Out Microsoft’s Next Big Gaming Innovation

It’s called IllumiRoom, and it extends what’s happening on your TV screen to fill your entire room. It may not sound that revolutionary, but watch this video and you’ll see the potential.

This is What the Next Xbox Will Look Like

It’s not the real deal, but it’s reportedly a very trustworthy mockup, created by Xbox World magazine. Clear a space in the living room, because this is coming.

Microsoft Points are Finally Going Away

Everybody hates Microsoft Points. They’re stupid, unnecessary, and deceptive. At long last, Microsoft has heard our cries and is doing away with them. Just not on the Xbox — yet.

Leaked Docs Show the Xbox’s Future

The third major Xbox console is real, and it’s coming. Possibly as soon as Christmas of next year, if this leaked 2-year-old PowerPoint presentation document is to be believed.

E3 2012: Xbox

Microsoft came out swinging when it kicked off E3 2012 at its annual media briefing this morning. Xbox wowed the audience with a big Halo 4 presentation, the surprise announcement of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and much more.

No Discs for Next-Gen Xbox’s Games?

MCV is reporting today that they have it on good authority that Microsoft’s third-generation Xbox, the 360’s successor, might just ditch optical disc drives altogether in favor of digital downloads.

Xbox Working on Standalone Kinect Console

Is this earth-shattering news, or just “yeah, duh”? The Daily is reporting an exclusive scoop today that Microsoft is working on its own answer to the likes of AppleTV and Boxee, in the form of a Kinect set-top box that doesn’t require an Xbox to run.

Halo’s Living Monument to the Master Chief

Oh, Microsoft. You and your oddball marketing campaigns.

Here Comes Xbox’s Live TV

Back at E3, Xbox promised us live TV, but was mum on details. Today, Microsoft is explaining how they’re going to make live TV a reality on your Xbox 360 this holiday season: with the help of almost 40 entertainment providers around the world.

Xbox Live Is Getting Bing-ified

“Metro” is the codename of this Fall’s annual Xbox Live update, which among other things is going to make your dashboard look an awful lot like Bing mixed with Windows Phone 7. Here’s a breakdown of the major changes you can expect.