First Look at Halo 4 The Games Developers Conference is getting started today in San Francisco, so we’re in store for a big marketing blitz of new game announcements and insider looks at upcoming titles. Microsoft released a new “first look” video today for Halo 4, which shows off the game in action for the first time ever.

A ‘Kinect Star Wars’ Trailer That Doesn’t Suck

The buzz for LucasArts’ Kinect Star Wars is decidedly negative. But the Force is strong with this new live-action promotional trailer.

Your Xbox Avatar Wants Threadless Tees

I don’t normally get excited over avatar clothing you have to pay for — be it Mii apparel, PlayStation Home gear, or Xbox wearables — but this might be worth making an exception for. Threadless, maker of some of the coolest t-shirts and hoodies on the planet, has brought a collection of their classic shirts […]

“I’m Not Worth a Bullet!”

The more I see of Ubisoft’s forthcoming download-only first-person survival game I Am Alive, the more I’m digging it. This new trailer shows you how realistic combat is in this survival-focused, post-apocalyptic city.

Doom Comes to Xbox Live Arcade

Bethesda announced today that a day Xbox gamers have been awaiting for a very long time has finally come: the original Doom is available for download from Xbox Live Arcade.

Xbox Working on Standalone Kinect Console

Is this earth-shattering news, or just “yeah, duh”? The Daily is reporting an exclusive scoop today that Microsoft is working on its own answer to the likes of AppleTV and Boxee, in the form of a Kinect set-top box that doesn’t require an Xbox to run.

XBLA House Party 2012 Leaked

Details about Xbox Live Arcade’s “House Party” promotion have leaked today, revealing the four titles that will be available in weekly succession, most likely starting in February. This year’s batch takes the “arcade” out of the picture, with a lineup of mostly top-notch first-person shooters.

XBOX 360 Case Mod: Marine Nano Reef

We’ve seen case mods for the XBOX 360 everywhere. From turning the whole console portable, to injecting it with a nitro-cooler, to paint jobs that are just so crazy-awesome. This, however caught my eye as a marine enthusiast and diver: a total conversion of an XBOX 360 into a nano-reef. Yep, that porcelain crab you […]

Kinect 2

We already know that Microsoft is hard at work on its third-generation Xbox as we speak. And it goes without saying that that console will come with Kinect technology built in. Today, a report is circulating that suggests this “Kinect 2″ will be able to do some downright astonishing things.

5 Black Friday Gamer Deals You Can’t Miss

Because I love you, dear reader. That’s why I scoured through all of the Black Friday ads to compile this list of the best deals for scoring quality gaming hardware at deep discounts. ‘Cause if you’re going out on Thanksgiving night to wait in line in the cold, darn it you should know if it’s […]