The Complexity of “Book Girl”


Book Girl is a series of 16 light novels written by Mizuki Nomura that were published in Japan between 2006 and 2011. The first 8 novels deal with the main story while the rest are side stories or spin-offs. As of this writing, 4 of the novels have been translated into English by Yen Press: […]

YA Fiction Shapes More Than Young Minds

Did you realise this is Young Adult Fiction?

To a person of more advanced years, the term ‘Young Adult Fiction’ can result in an upturned nose, as one dismisses the concept instantly in favour of far more weightier matters. That would be a mistake however, for many of us fail to realise just how influential Young Adult fiction has been throughout the decades, […]

9 Reasons The Hunger Games Is the New Harry Potter


In anticipation of The Hunger Games movie, all this week ForeverGeek is celebrating the soaring popularity of Young Adult Fiction. Is all the hype about The Hunger Games books (and movie) justified? We think so! Here are nine reasons why it’s the next big thing — and way better than Twilight.