Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Reveals the Struggle Between the Soldier and the Weapon

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

The latest iteration in the long history of Call of Duty games brings us not just lots of 1st person shooting and in-your-face explosions, but also some existential struggles between being a man and a solider versus simply becoming a weapon, or worse, another machine as a cog within an even bigger machine. Honestly, all […]

5 Things We Pray We Get From New ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Series

fear the walking dead

The Walking Dead is a daring show, bringing us to the darkest sides of humanity and showing us just what we become when faced with monsters (hint, we become monsters ourselves). With one of the show’s strongest seasons behind it, we cannot help and turn our attention to the new AMC Walking Dead spin-off, Fear […]

Rick Grimy: 6 Reasons This Has Been the Best ‘Walking Dead’ Season Yet

walking dead

The Walking Dead has done an amazing job at switching up the TV show’s dynamic this season. Instead of the group fearing the undead, we have come to learn the group itself has some real issues. From trust to PTSD, they are not exactly the most collectively sane people in that world right now. Rick […]

Be Prepared for the Zombiecalypse with the Zombie Fortification Cabin

Zombie Fortification Cabin

I won’t question your belief in the fact that at some point in the future, the zombiecalypse will happen. After all, who in his right mind won’t believe that mankind will do something to make this a reality? There are only two questions that matter: What kind of zombie will we be facing? Are you […]

10 Zombie Mashups to Get You Ready for The Walking Dead

zombie mashups

The Walking Dead Returns on October 12, Sunday, and I’m pretty sure you’re all looking forward to that. While you may be gearing up for the season premiere by rewatching the first four seasons (it’s too much for me, so I’m not doing that), you can also choose to enjoy some zombie mashups that are […]