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Speak Up and Save “In the Flesh”

The fascination about zombies and the zombiecalypse has been around for quite some time, and it has risen to new heights in recent months. TV shows like The Walking Dead has certainly added to the awareness and fan-mania. Via Then there are TV shows that are not your run-of-the-mill zombie flicks where you run from […]

Be Prepared for the Zombiecalypse with the Zombie Fortification Cabin

I won’t question your belief in the fact that at some point in the future, the zombiecalypse will happen. After all, who in his right mind won’t believe that mankind will do something to make this a reality? There are only two questions that matter: What kind of zombie will we be facing? Are you […]

Take a Ride on the Zombie Train and Get Laser Guns to Shoot Walkers

Because who wouldn’t want to have the license to shoot zombies? In California, there’s this thing called the Zombie Train. If you take this train, you get a laser gun to make sure that you can protect yourself from the horde of zombies that are sure to beset you on your trip. Sure, you’re not […]

This Chia Zombie Collection Is What You Need for Halloween

Who’s ready for Halloween? We’re still some weeks away, but it’s never too early to get ready for one of the funnest holidays of the year, isn’t it? You may or may not have Halloween party plans yet, but this Chia Zombie Collection will make sure that you get into the Halloween spirit, not to […]

Are You a Technology Zombie?

Zombies are in, no matter how gross and disgusting they may be. The ratings of zombie TV shows and movies are off the charts. Artists are creating zombie mashups left and right – and for good reason: there is a market for them, and that includes us! But, in theory being a zombie is not […]

10 Zombie Mashups to Get You Ready for The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Returns on October 12, Sunday, and I’m pretty sure you’re all looking forward to that. While you may be gearing up for the season premiere by rewatching the first four seasons (it’s too much for me, so I’m not doing that), you can also choose to enjoy some zombie mashups that are […]

Giveaway for Zombie Book Lovers: The Enemy Series

There’s nothing like curling up with a good zombie book and all the coffee that you want, is there? We’ve been giving away lots of stuff in the past months, but I think it’s about time that we make book lovers happy – provided that you like zombie stories (who doesn’t???). This week, we’re featuring […]

Save 3% On Zombies VS Zombie Hunters!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50, toy soldiers are awesome to play with.  These Zombies VS Zombie Hunters plastic figures take the classic toy soldiers and give them a post-apocalyptic horror twist. The pack comes with 35 figures of both zombie hunters (SWAT or Hazmat units) and insatiable zombies. Halloween may be months […]

How Many Zombie Types Do You Know? (One Poster Has 350!)

If you consider yourself a zombie expert, then  you should know your zombies. Jason Thompson created a 24″ x 36″ poster that classified over 350 zombie types. It covers all the important zombies in every form and the project is currently up on Kickstarter. If you want your own copy, head on over to Kickstarter […]

The Zombie Apocalypse: Could Science Fiction Soon Become Science Fact?

Even if horror movies are not particularly ‘your bag’, everybody loves a good zombie. In the realms of fiction they have been gradually stumbling their way into our subconsciousness for decades now, ever since George A. Romero popularised the genre with his classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’ in the late 60’s. But what if […]

5 Wedding Themes For Geek Couples

There’s nothing cuter than geeks in love (there are plenty of Jonathan Coulton and Kirby Krackle songs to prove it). Between Battlestar Galactica marathons and matching cosplay, geeky couples just do it better, and there’s no better celebration of geeky love than a geeky wedding. Throwing the Best (And Geekiest) Wedding You’ve probably seen a […]

Cthulhu and Zombie Mugs and Cups

Kickstarter is an awesome place to discover products that you will not normally find in other places. Of course, that is not to say that you won't find some crap there, too. In spite of the good efforts of the guys behind the platform, sometimes, the ideas just don't fly. This Kickstarter project is

This “Death Starry Night Print” – and More – Can Be Yours!

I think we’ve all seen and heard of the Van Gogh-Star Wars “collaboration”, resulting in one of the most recognisable print mashups in the geek world today: the Death Starry Night print. How would you like to have a Death Starry Night print, signed and all by the artist known by the name The Belligerent Monkey? […]

Sweets So Geek: The Best Way to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Nothing makes one feel better than biting into a nice chunk of chocolate when stress levels are high. At least for those who have a sweet tooth. And even if you’re not really that much into sweets, I have a feeling that you will want to have your own stash of these sweets. Maybe the […]

10 Classic Logos Zombified

The Walking Dead is back, and we’re all better off because of it. Or maybe, we’re all more traumatized, thanks to the Governor’s custom-made aquariums. If you still don’t get zombies and the zombiecalypse at this point, you probably never will, although there is nothing wrong with that. Gore and guts – not for everyone. […]

Hyundai’s Zombie-Proof Car: Zombie Survival Machine

It was not raining when Noah built the ark. We have not seen a single zombie yet, but Hyundai’s already making preparations. And when the zombiecalypse does happen, we’ll see who will be laughing then. By now, you’ve probably seen the season 3 trailer of The Walking Dead, and if you’re anything like me, your […]

Feature Film Z*Con Needs Our Support [Zombiecalypse Alert!]

I’m a sucker for zombies, and I can’t say no to a legit charity. So when I heard about Z*Con, and I took a look at the project, I knew what I was going to write about today. Z*Con is a feature film that gives the zombiecalypse a different twist. To be honest, I think […]

First Look: ZombiU

From Resident Evil to Left 4 Dead, zombie survivalist shooters are a dime a dozen. But ZombiU is an original twist on the genre that’s worth getting excited about — and not just because it’s a Wii U exclusive.

No Need to Be a Walker to Eat This (Chocolate) Brain

Remember that funny photo that went around some months ago? The one with the line “That awkward moment when zombies go past you”? Well, if you had this special brain, no one would pass you up. Maybe not even walkers. This guy, Andy Mills, made a pretty cool brain using, of all things, chocolate! Then […]