The majority of superheroes have powers that function as their weapons. But some others get their powers from their weapons, or wield gadgets that augment their powers. Here are ten of the coolest superhero weapons there are.

We could argue for years about what constitutes a “superhero weapon” and what doesn’t. For the purpose of this article, I’m defining it as an object or device that exists separate from the wielder. Wolverine’s claws — despite being one the coolest superhero weapons of all — don’t qualify, because they’re part of his anatomy.

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Batman’s Batarangs


Batman uses so many different tools, gadgets, and weapons, but there’s no more emblematic or remembered weapon than the Batarang. It’s part boomerang, part throwing star. Part tool, part weapon. And all awesome. [Image source.]

Captain America’s Shield


Steve Rogers is as much of a symbol as he is a hero, so nothing less than a powerfully symbolic weapon will do. Over the years, Cap‘s shield has gone through many incarnations, but the most popular and memorable one is the round model made of the fictional substance Vibranium. In Cap’s hands, it’s a potent weapon for both offense and defense. [Image source.]

Ghost Rider’s Hellfire Enchanted Chain

Hellfire Enchanted Chain

Ghost Rider’s signature weapon is this enchanted chain that literally bends to his will. And it perfectly matches his metal/biker aesthetic. Sometimes it’s depicted with a glow, while other times it appears to be merely a typical black chain. [Image source.]

Green Arrow’s Bow & Arrows

Bow & Arrows

I’d like to say I was torn between Green Arrow and Hawkeye, but I’d be lying. Green Arrow is the character that’s better known by the general public. The feisty archer is obviously modeled after Robin Hood, and his skill with his bow is unmatched. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a billionaire and can afford to create a nearly infinite array of specialty arrows. [Image source.]

Green Lantern’s Power Ring

Power Ring

The powers of Green Lantern are among the most creative on DC’s roster. What could be cooler than the ability to conjure up anything you can imagine? The mythos behind the Green Lantern rings has grown and expanded hugely over the years, and now there are a full spectrum of ring colors and corps to go with them, each one drawing power from a different primal emotion. But green remains the greatest, built on a foundation of fearlessness. [Image source.]

Iron Man’s Suit

Iron Man

For Tony Stark, his costume is his weapon. It was built out of necessity — its power source keeps dangerous shrapnel from penetrating Tony’s heart, and the first incarnation of the suit helped him escape captivity — but he’s refined and remodeled it numerous times over the years into the sleek, powerful machine it is today. [Image source.]

Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters


Peter Parker fashioned his signature wrist gadgets himself, which allow him to shoot a special web fluid that acts like strands of a spider’s web. They’re useful for all sorts of things, including Tarzaning his way through Manhattan, tying up enemies, and grabbing falling objects. Thankfully, Spidey‘s grown more adept at that last one — a lesson he learned the hard way (poor Gwen). [Image source.]

Thor’s “Mjolnir” Hammer


Bestowed upon him by his father Odin, Thor‘s enchanted hammer is more than a weapon. It’s the totem that transforms human Donald Blake into the Norse god he’s bonded with: Thor, God of Thunder. Thor can throw it at enemies and will it to return to him, he can conjure thunder and lightning with it, or he can just use it to whack the snot out of just about anything. [Image source.]



In the Top Cow Comics universe, the mythology states that there are 13 mystical artifacts/weapons that together hold the universe balanced between dark and light. Of the 13, the best known is the object called the Witchblade, as bonded to Sara Pezzini. The artifact is worn as a bracelet when inert, but can grow and transform into a gauntlet, a bladed weapon, or even a full suit of body armor. It also possesses some mystical powers. [Image source.]

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

Lasso of Truth

Diana uses her magic, glowing lasso to bind her enemies and force the truth from them. (It literally forces them to tell the truth.) Personally, I’ve always thought the Lasso is just about the lamest “weapon” there is; her male counterparts get gadgets and power rings and arrows and maces, and she gets a rope? But it’s an inseparable part of Wonder Woman‘s image. Hey, geek war: which would win in a fight — the Lasso of Truth or Ghost Rider’s Hellfire Chain? Go! [Image source.]

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