Another year is coming to a close and that means it’s time to look back at some of the best anime of 2013. Again, I have put together a list of what I think are the top 10 anime of the year. This is a subjective list so it might not match what others had in mind, but think of it more as a list of recommendations of anime you may have missed. I don’t believe it’s fair to judge a series before it is complete so all of the titles listed here finished airing in 2013.

10. Kyousougiga

best anime of 2013

I’m sure one of the things that draws many people to anime is the overall wackiness of some series, and Kyousougiga is a good example of that. While searching for a rabbit, Koto and her two familiars end up trapped in the mirror world of Kyoto, which is ruled by a monk, demon, and priest. The mirror world contains all sorts of beings and magical devices, and whenever anything gets damaged, it is immediately repaired with magic. In a sense, those in the mirror world of Kyoto are trapped in a massive playground, making for a fun series with a bit of drama as you explore the suffering that each character has endured.

9. The Devil is a Part-Timer (Hataraku Maou-sama)

best anime of 2013

If you want an anime with a good mix of comedy, drama, and action then The Devil is a Part-Timer is a perfect choice. After facing defeat at the hands of a holy warrior, the devil Maou is forced to retreat to another dimension and ends up in modern-day Japan. In a world without magic, Maou must find a way to get by and ends up working at MgRonald’s to make ends meet. Unbeknownst to him, the holy warrior Emilia followed him to Japan and is now working at a call centre while still plotting to defeat him once and for all. Some of the hilarities that ensue are just priceless, but it’s not all slap-stick comedy as there are some rather serious moments.

8. A Certain Scientific Railgun S (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S)

best anime of 2013

Set in Academy city, where magic and science collide, the main focus in Railgun S is on the sisters arc. Misaka’s DNA has been stolen and clones of her are mass-produced only to be sent to slaughter. While anyone who has been following the Index series knows what happens, what keeps Railgun S entertaining are the battle scenes. Misaka faces off against high-level espers, robots, and other weaponry in some sweet fights.

7. Little Busters Refrain

best anime of 2013

Refrain wraps up the Little Busters story by revealing the secret of the world. Riki goes through a few more story arcs with some of the female characters and as the end approaches, we start to see a few more hints regarding the missions that he and Rin have been getting from a mysterious cat. As with all Key stories, Little Busters is a tear-jerker along the same level as AIR, Kanon, and Clannad, and you can expect some magic to be working in the background.

6. Psycho-Pass


There are many attempts to build dystopian societies, but few really grasp the attention of audiences. Psycho-Pass is one of those few. Imagine a future where there is no crime because everyone’s mental state is monitored and the police intervene as soon as anyone has a criminal thought. So what happens to the people who do have criminal thoughts? They either get locked up or ironically, end up working for the police. Yup, some of the main characters are potential psychopaths with guns that make people explode. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

5. From the New World (Shinsekai Yori)


First impressions usually give you a good idea about how an anime will turn out, but not when it comes to From the New World. What appears at first to be a fantasy world with strange creatures and people with magical abilities turns out to be a terrifying society ruled by fear. From the New World is a gripping story of how a group of children discover the truth behind how their society came to be and the evils that they have committed.

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of those old(er) manga that for whatever reason never got a full TV anime adaptation until now. The anime is broken into one part (Phantom Blood) involving Jonathon Joestar and a second part (Battle Tendency) involving his grandson Joseph Joestar. The story follows the Joestar family and their involvement with a stone mask with the power to destroy humanity. Part of what makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure so fulfilling for many fans is the throwback to when shounen series had clear good/bad guys and steady character growth. Not to mention the great action scenes without having to wait for any powering up or training.

3. Chihayafuru 2

best anime of 2013

Karuta may seem like a boring card game to the average person, but Chihayafuru is far from boring. The second season continues on from the first season and sees Chihaya and her friends continue to develop as Karuta players. What makes the series so gripping is the way it portrays the intensity behind each game and really makes you feel the tension that the characters are experiencing. It’s hard not to get drawn into some of the matches.

2. Monogatari Second Season

best anime of 2013

Koyomi Araragi should be used to dealing with apparitions by now, but being a half-vampire doesn’t mean that he’s invincible. Monogatari Second Season manages to recycle an old formula from Bakemonogatari and keep it fresh with more powerful apparitions, new looks, and sexier fanservice shots. There is also a larger focus on characters that still had some backstory to fill in such as Tsubasa Hanekawa and Shinobu, which is great for those that still had some questions regarding their histories.

1. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin)

best anime of 2013

At first place we have the hit action series Attack on Titan, which took the anime world by storm. Some things that make the series so attractive are the rampages that Eren goes through, cool and sexy Mikasa, Armin, dramatic deaths, and who could forget the giant naked people. Attack on Titan brings blood-curdling rage and adrenaline-pumping action back into shounen anime in a big way.

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