From Qwop to N, to deny the foolish, fast-paced fun of flash games is to deny yourself a divinely simple pleasure. Not all games need to have triple-A dev teams behind them to be fun. Not every game needs to be 100 hours to beat and have a skill tree a mile long to be engrossing. Hell, sometimes you will find a flash game online and just lose yourself for hours and hours without noticing it. THAT is the proof of good gaming. Not titles or sales or development teams and budgets. Does whatever game you are playing suck you into it and make you forget about life’s little problems for a little bit? Than it is doing exactly what it should, and best of all, flash games are free (and who complains about free?).

That said, here are ten BEST flash games you can play right now that, if nothing else, are mindless fun that will distract you from life (and your bills) for a little while.

1) The Way of the Ninja

You cannot make a list about awesome Flash games and not mention N. Just a tiny little figure in plopped into a world of things trying to kill you, don’t let the simple visage fool you. This game is addictive as crack.

It will kick your butt, too. Just a warning.

2) Super Smash Flash 2

Who in their right mind would not want to play what is basically a near-perfect port of Super Smash Brothers 2, for free, in flash (with new characters, too)? You may think “Smash in Flash” wouldn’t work but as soon as you hear the familiar sounds you love and see the pixels and stages repped perfectly, you will get sucked right in. I cannot even imagine the body count behind my Black Mage right now, I’ve been playing this one so much.

What is so damn impressive about Super Smash Flash 2 is the simple fact that you can tell how much love for the series went into this adaptation, and the fact that they keep it free to play just shows you how legit the people behind this great flash game are.

3) Canabalt

There are a TON of “endless runner” games out there, for free in flash, but none quite master the formula like Canabalt does.

The stark visuals work really well with the pacing, and when it comes to endless running games, this one ends up actually keeping you entertained for more than four minutes.

4) Tetris

This one is a given.

Everyone and their Mom loves Tetris (because it is timeless, ageless, and always fun) so obviously putting Tetris on this list was a given, and finding a Flash version of Tetris to play isn’t much of a challenge, as there are flash versions of this game EVERYWHERE.

5) Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope just might be the most fun you can have actually being forced to use your brain. A cute little puzzler, but don’t let the cute visuals fool you. This puzzle game will kick your butt once you get deep  enough into it.

Problem is, by then you are already addicted.

6) New York Shark

You are a Shark swimming through New York city and you need to kill, eat, maim, and cause as much destruction as (inhumanly) possible. I cannot imagine anyone NOT wanting to play this game.

It is sort of in the “endless runner” vein but you are a shark eating people. Again, who needs more than that to sell them?

7) Qwop

It never fails, I will always go back to the original flash game when mentioning fun flash games because the controls to QWOP are SO difficult, that the first time you actually get your runner to go a foot or two without falling backwards with their legs over their head is an absolute achievement.

This is like Dark Souls, only way harder and with more running. Actually, come to think of it, about the same amount of running in both games.

8) Escape

Escape is one of those hyper-fast wall-jumper games where one wrong move can kill you, easily. Think Super Meat Boy for free and in flash and you have a good idea. It also kind of plays like Flappy Bird, in the sense that it all comes down to simple jumps and timing, but you need to have razor sharp reaction skills.

Frustrating at times, but still really fun.

9) Realm of the Mad God

Permadeath and a MMORPG flash game? WHAT?!

It’s true. Realm of the Mad God may trick with its ultra-simplistic visuals, but once you realize the depth of this survival game, you will find yourself tensing up and genuinely wanting to keep your tiny pixels alive at any cost.

Also, permadeath. I know how you gamers LOVE THAT SH*T right now for some reason.

10) Super House of Dead Ninjas

Honestly, there had to be an Adult Swim flash game on the list because Adult Swim tends to make some of the most batshit insane (but fun and twisted) flash games out there.

In Super House of Dead Ninjas (I always thought plural of ninja was ninja, damn), you frantically descend one of those “350 floor towers” and each room is teaming with challenges and things that want you dead.

There is also the timer issue, where two timers count down to your impending doom (one of them literally marking the arrival of the grim reaper). Great, goofy fun, and the randomly generated towers mean no two players will have the same experience.

So what is YOUR favorite flash game? Take to our comments and let us know, maybe we will write a follow-up with YOUR examples!

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