10 Memorable Moments From The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

The Simpsons has long been a part of my life. I can remember getting into trouble for wearing a Bart Simpson shirt when I was in elementary school. (Of course the downward slide of humanity would continue with Beavis and Butthead and Southpark.) The show was/is a staple in our home, and nothing was/is quite as anticipated as the annual Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. As a fan of director Guillero del Toro (“Hellboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Mama,” and “Pacific Rim“), I joined others who were over the moon to find out that he came up with the ideas for this year’s Halloween staple, which happens to be  airing for its 24th year (XXIV).

This ingenious segment explores some of the Simpson’s own gags, which have made the show more than just a singular pop culture icon. After all, if you think you’ve thought of something original, chances are that the “Simpson’s did it.” This special extended opening credit also has nice references to some of del Toro’s work, and a heap of other films as well. It’s a movie lover’s screaming Halloween egg hunt.



Become spooked and prepare your resolve for this visual fun treat that airs Sunday, Oct. 6 on FOX.

Seeing this advance teaser made me nostalgic. Luckily, we have every season of The Simpsons available at home, so some reminiscing about past hauntingly-good-times was about all that was accomplished last night. Here are some other great moments from past Simpsons Treehouse of Horror stories, whether they are fun, scary, eerie, or downright bloody.


Simpsons Treehouse of Horror I
 “Hungry are the Damned”

My absolute favorite because it has stuck with me for all of these years. We all know that this is what aliens do, or at least that’s what V taught me.

Treehouse of Horror IV

“Terror at 5½ Feet”


This is not the cute Gremlin of Bugs Bunny cartoon fame. Think more like the gravelings from Dead Like Me


Treehouse of Horror IV
 “Bart Simpson’s Dracula”

Fans of Stephen King, particularly of Salem’s Lot, had to feel more than a little creeped by the scene of Bart scratching at the window, hoping to be invited in.


Treehouse of Horror V
 “Nightmare Cafeteria”

This segment gives The Hunger Games a run for its money. What kid hasn’t wondered about the true origin of mystery meat?



Treehouse of Horror VII
 “The Thing and I”

Bart discovers a secret and his dark half in the process.




“Treehouse of Horror XVI”
 Opening Credits


Anyone who has ever loved a show (Fringe fans grew tired of constant delays because “baseball happened.”) that has aired on FOX during the World Series, can feel the pain of Springfield’s favorite alien overlords, Kang and Kodos, as The Simpsons was also not immune to the effects of extra innings or games. “The most boring game in all of the universe.”  I’m with ya, bro. Go ahead and shatter the very fabric of the universe with an accele-ray.



Treehouse of Horror VI

A truly innovative treatment for its time, because it aired in 1995, before Pixar became a household name in computer animation.



Treehouse of Horror I
 “The Raven”


This treatment of what may be Edgar Alan Poe’s most famous story, as told by James Earl Jones, still sticks due to the imagery of Bart as the Raven.


Treehouse of Horror II
 “Lisa’s Nightmare”

Careful what you wish; you just might get it. (Check out all of the Simpsons merchandise branding in this segment. Could the creators truly have known just how far this show would go?)



Treehouse of Horror VI
 “Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores”

This episode could have been alternatively titled, “Advertising Icons Gone Wild.” Lard Lad hits a little close to home. I still eye Frisch’s Big Boy signs with suspicion.


As you can see, every year seemed to push the envelope. These are only a few examples, so there are bound to be some that you may enjoy more. What was your favorite or most vivid memory from these specials?

Thanks Simpsons Wikia for helping to fill in some blanks for this old gal. Twenty-four specials are a lot to remember!




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