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10 Halloween Decorations Inspired By The Glorious 80s

Wacky, outlandish, colorful, and fun. The 80s are the most influential decade when it comes to modern pop culture. We see it in the movie industry, fashion, music, even in memes where people still manage to fall for the classic Rickroll.

And of course, we can’t forget how much the 80s have done for Halloween. So many horror films to marathon and even more iconic villains to fear. So why not keep the nostalgia ball rolling and let the 80s take over your Halloween decorations as well?

Prepare for neon and spooky name-dropping as we dive into this list of “10 Halloween decorations inspired by the glorious 80s.”

80s Halloween Decorations

Michael Myers window decal

If you’re going to scare someone, scare them even before they enter your house. Creepy window decals are perfect for that. As for scaring someone on Halloween with an 80s twist, well, no one’s better for the job than Michael Myers.

Stick this decal to one of your windows that are visible from the street and draw the curtains. Now, every time you’ve got your lights on in the evening Michael’s silhouette will be illuminated with the soft glow from it. Watching the passersby and sending chills down their spines.

For an added effect, you can illuminate the decal with red lights. Just stick this LED strip under the window and let the Halloween scares begin.

Red balloon lamp

Yes, I know that It miniseries came out in 1990 and it has recently been adapted into a two-part movie. But. The novel It by Stephen King came out in 1986, “The Losers Club” got reunited in 1984, and this lamp is just too awesome to be left out of this list. So, behold.

What was once an innocent souvenir you got at a local carnival, is now a terrifying clown omen that you can use in your Halloween decor. This red balloon lamp pays homage to Pennywise and adds a dash of creepiness to your room. The soft red light it emanates will also put an eerie twist on other 80s Halloween decorations you’ve got in store.

And for an added scare and continuity, you might as well dress up as Pennywise.

Neon bat lamps

Neon was THE thing in the 80s. It was fun, youthful, cheerful, and it was everywhere. So it figures that neon has made a comeback to the modern era when it comes to clothes, accessories, and…lamps.

Some of the neon lamps even come in spooky Halloween shapes. You can use several bat-shaped lamps to put an 80s twist on your Halloween decor. Prop the lamps on books at various heights to make it look like a colony of neon bats is escaping a dark corner. It’s spooky but so rad.

Gremlins cutout

Who didn’t have a Gizmo plushie from the Gremlins when they were little? I got mine when part 2 came out which, apparently, was a self-conscious satirical take on Hollywood and the audience’s obsession with pop culture. The more you know, huh?

This Gremlins cutout is a perfect 80s Halloween decoration. It measures almost 50 inches tall (126 cm) making it a worthy centerpiece of your Halloween setup.

It shows us that Halloween is the time to put down your plushies and prepare for the spook galore. Which is also what happens if you don’t follow the 3 rules of caring for the mowai – you get a terrifying reptilian Gremlin.

Camp crystal lake sign

Ah, Camp Crystal Lake. A place where no counselor is ever safe.

It’s a place where Friday the 13th franchise started and consequently spawned 12 movies in total. This sign is an awesome way to bring a bit of slasher horror spirit to your Halloween decor. You can hang it right near the entrance to your house, in a backyard, or on a porch. Just so your guests know what they’re getting themselves into. And if they don’t, then you’ll have an opportunity to introduce them to Jason Voorhees and all of his bloody shenanigans via a movie marathon.

Ghostbusters floating decoration

Ghostbusters is a true 80s cult classic. No retro Halloween party will be complete without something from the Ghostbusters universe.

Apart from the Marshmallow Man, Slimer is one of the most recognizable monsters from the Ghostbusters franchise. This decoration pays proper homage to it by making a 10-inch glow-in-the-dark Slimer slide back and forth along a tight rope.

You can set it up in a room or on a porch. Either way, it will look like an annoying but oddly charming 80s ghost is haunting your Halloween party.

Disco lights projector

Disco music, which gained traction in the 70s, confidently marched into the 80s scene with a new and improved groove. So, if you want to bring a bit of a disco spirit to your Halloween party (and pay homage to the decade that gave rise to the comedy-horror genre) you’ll need this fun lights projector.

It has 3 sound-activated modes and 7 lighting modes with different rotating speeds to boot. Also, you can switch between solid colors (ahem, blood red for Halloween) or multi-color. In short, this disco lights projector will now be your go-to decoration for every holiday, party, or birthday.

Smartphone TV magnifier

This a smartphone screen magnifier. It enhances the size of your smartphone screen up to 8 inches. And it looks like an awesome retro TV.

So here’s an idea. Put on an 80s horror movie on your phone (via a streaming service or YouTube) and slide it into this magnifier. Then use it as part of your Halloween decorations. Maybe wrap it in cobwebs in a dark corner or pair it with a creepy dollhouse.

Plus, once Halloween is over, you’ll still have this handy smartphone gadget. It will make bingeing a lot more fun.

Freddy Krueger prop

This scary prop is the embodiment of the phrase “go big or go home”. And after spotting this Freddy prop in a dark corner you’ll definitely want to go home and hide somewhere safe.

We all know Freddy Kruger, the iconic character from the 80s franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street. This 16”x 28” x 14” decoration makes it look like the king of nightmares himself is crawling out of the ground and going right at you. It’s the ultimate Halloween prop that will scare the bejeezus out of anyone who comes across it.

It is made out of weather-resistant material so you can confidently keep it in your backyard. But you can also keep in an empty corner in your house or even fix it to the ceiling for a heart-stopping scare. Once Halloween is done, you can keep Freddy in your own cinema room. He’ll be a great movie buddy!

Haunted 80s computer

This LED computer is as old-school as the get. But instead of an operating system, it houses a talking skull inside that loves scaring innocent bystanders.

This retro computer decoration is motion-activated. Once something moves in front of the screen, a digital skull appears and tells a Halloween-related joke. The keyboard also lights up and even spells out “HELP ME” at times. Spooky.

The skull looks like something straight out of a cheesy 80s sci-fi movie and it’s absolutely glorious. Just what you need for a Halloween decor that’s filled with nostalgia and fun.

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