10 Interesting Foods in Anime

By Nopy

The other day I was watching “Is This a Zombie,” a new anime series this season, when I got to the point where they showed Haruna’s super delicious omelettes. That got me wondering, what kind of other weird foods have appeared in anime? After thinking for a while, I came up with a list of some of the more interesting foods to appear. This isn’t including food from food-related anime like Yakitate Japan or else it would be a long list.

Haruna’s Omelette (Is This a Zombie?)

Since this is what got me started on the idea, here’s Haruna’s omelette. While it wobbles around like a slime from an rpg and glows in the dark, it actually tastes unbelievably good (according to the characters).

Akiko’s Jam (Kanon 2006)

Glowy yellow foods reminded me of another item from the 2006 version of Kanon. Anyone who watched that will undoubtedly remember Akiko’s infamous jam and how anyone who eats it suddenly gets a little disorientated. If you haven’t seen it before, you can watch the jam scenes on Youtube.

Sanae’s Hyper Rainbow Bread (Clannad)

Of course, if I mention Akiko’s jam, there’s no way I could leave out Sanae’s bread from Clannad. Normally her bread just tastes bad, filled with strange things like octopus and rice crackers. When the bread is combined with Akiko’s jam, their effects are complimentary and it can knock a man out.

CC’s Pizza (Code Geass R2)

This thing has a crust made out of sausage rolls, and it has broccoli, beef, and some white chunks as toppings. It probably isn’t out of the ordinary for anyone actually living in Japan, but for someone who is used to pepperoni and cheese, this pizza seems really weird.

Misa’s Rock Hard Rice Balls (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

Although rice balls are called that, they are actually supposed to be a triangular shape. Misa somehow compresses hers so much that it forms a perfect sphere and is so hard that it can crack a tooth. Did I also mention that her rice balls are salt flavour?

Tenma and Eri’s Stampeding Rice Balls (School Rumble)

Since we’re on the topic of rice balls, none can compare to the rice balls in School Rumble. Harima has the bad luck of tasting Eri’s rice balls, which is compared to having a stampede of horses in your mouth, as well as Tenma’s rice balls, which is like having stampeding mammoths in your mouth while a volcano is erupting. I’m amazed at how Tenma was able to maker her rice balls into perfect cubes. You can see Harima’s reaction here.

Nagi’s Detergent Porridge (Hayate The Combat Butler)

It’s reasonable for first-time cooks to mix up some ingredients, but mixing up cooking oil with dish washing detergent is probably something only Nagi could do. On top of that, she actually fed this detergent porridge to a sick person without even tasting it first.

Kana’s I Don’t Even… (Minami-ke)

Seriously, I have no clue what that is supposed to be.

Misato’s Curry Ramen (Evangelion)

Believe it or not, they actually made Misato’s mix of instant curry and instant ramen into a real product. If you don’t remember this particular food, watch episode 5 of Evangelion. I haven’t tried it myself, but this editor gave it a 2/5 so I’m guessing it tastes just as appealing as they make it out to be in the anime.

Suicidal Vegetables (Dai Mahou Touge)

Remind yourself of this scene the next time you toss some vegetables into the pot. After all, they did give their lives so that you could enjoy a delicious meal.

If you can think of some more interesting foods that have shown up in anime, feel free to share by leaving a comment describing what it was and which anime it’s from.

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