10 Most Memorable Boss Battles In Gaming History

Boss fights are easily some of my favorite moments from all of gaming. Granted, there have been many throw away boss fights (hit them in glowing spot for ten minutes until they die). but it could also be said there have also been some boss fights that no matter how old you get, you just cannot forget them. Psycho Mantis, anyone? It could be because they traumatized or scared you, could be because they made you laugh, or it could just be because they kicked your ass so hard you can still feel the bruise. Either way, I don’t care who you are, you do not forget these boss fights and how unique they were in a world where everything was and is so similar.

The worst boss fights I ever had was a physical fight with one of my actual bosses at one point. You think the Great and Mighty Poo was an unforgettable boss, you should have met Steve at the old Laser Tag arena I worked at. Yes, and the saddest part being, everything I just said in that sentence was true.

But I am pretty sure this list means a different kind of boss than that, so I will digress.


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