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10 Methods of Organizing Your Digital Life

Being a geek comes with some digital responsibility. With all the time you spend online, you probably have an overload of cookies and a large online history stored away. This is expected for any digital geek, but when you start running out of space, it becomes an issue.

Usually, this can be solved by taking a day to thoroughly clean out your digital life. If you’re still keeping outdated files from last year, it’s time to get organized and remove some of the chaos.

1. Delete Unnecessary Files

Take an afternoon and go through your archives. Discard files, folders, photos, and videos that you’ll never use again. It might surprise you how many of these files you’ll find on your computer. Just don’t forget to empty your recycle bin after you’re done.

2. Unsubscribe

Do you spend more time deleting emails than you do reading them? That typically means you have too many email subscriptions getting in the way of your inbox. You could go through and unsubscribe from all your emails one by one, or you could use a tool like, which will automatically unsubscribe you from any unwanted email lists.

3. Clear Download Histories

Most people forget about their download folder, which can quickly fill up with files from online activities. These files will slow down your computer after awhile. It’s easy to delete your download history, and you won’t regret it.

4. Create an Automated Inbox Sorting System

Organizing your email is probably one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to organizing your digital life. Luckily, if you organize it once and develop an automated sorting system, it will handle the email designation process moving forward. First, go through and delete any unnecessary emails. Then, undergo an archiving and labeling system. You can train your email to automatically send your inbox messages to their appropriate folders in the future.

5. Organize Desktop Icons

The desktop has very small memory space, but that doesn’t stop people from storing everything here because it’s easy to find later. However, this will slow down your computer and cause stress a lot of stress. Eliminate the unnecessary icons, move your desktop files to another location, and organize the files left on your desktop so they’re easier to access.

6. Reorganize Movies and Music

It’s great to store music and video files on your PC, but media file sizes are typically larger than others, and if you collect a lot of them, it adds up and slows down your computer. Go through and delete the files you don’t need, and move some to the cloud to avoid overloading your computer’s hard drive.

7. Use a Password Organizer

Proper security standards require that you use varied passwords and change them frequently, but most people fail to do so, because they have a problem remembering their passwords. If you use a password management tool such as LastPass, you can securely store all of your passwords without the need to memorize any of them.

8. Download a Tab Extension Tool

Instead of keeping 10 tabs open at once, use a tab extension like Tab Killer, which saves the URLs of all the pages you want to view, without keeping them open at once. Since a lot of tabs significantly slow your browsing time, you can get rid of the frustration that comes with a sluggish browser.

9. Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

When speed on your PC is the problem, cloud storage could be the solution. Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage solutions allow you to store your files on the web rather than on your hard drive.

10. Delete Smartphone Apps

Your computer isn’t the only thing that suffers from too many files. Your smartphone could also use some cleaning. Go through and delete the apps you never use and that are taking up data and battery life. It will speed up your phone and make it easier for you to access the apps you use daily.

Organizing your digital life will take time, but it’ll be one of the most rewarding things you do. Your life will be a lot easier, and you’ll be able to better enjoy your digital activities.

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