10 Mouthwatering Bento Lunch Boxes inspired by Pop Culture

These days, most of us view meals as just another chance to restock our bodies with nourishment. Food is dumped on a plate and shoveled into our mouths without much thought, while we browse through highlights on a smartphone.

Well, not all of us.

Bento Monsters is back with a whole new lineup of delicious, healthy, and creative pop-culture inspired bento lunch boxes. The art of arranging food in bentos is a skill most Japanese mothers take very seriously. Mothers want to make sure their children arrive at school with a healthy bento box that all the other children envy. No one wants to look like an unfit or lazy mother.

These creative bento boxes have become a sort of competition between mothers in Japan.

However, some people such as the flickr user Bento Monsters don’t see bento box arranging as a competitive art, rather an expressive art. Take a look at some of Bento Monster’s latest creations:

1. The adorable Minions of Doom Bento Lunch Box:

2. Pooh Bear and Piglet Bento Lunch Box:

3. Domo-kun Bento Lunch Box:

4. Spongebob Squarepants Pasta Bento Lunch Box:

5. Patrick Star (Spongebob) Pasta Bento Lunch Box:

6. Totoro-themed Bento Lunch Box:

7.Sleeping Hello Kitty Bento Lunch Box:

8. Vampire Mickey Mouse Bento Lunch Box:

9. Adorable Halloween creation Bento Lunch Box:

10. Seaweed covered Skeleton Bento Lunch Box:

Try your hand at making some of these charming bento boxes, if you have a bit of extra time in the morning. Wouldn’t it be fun to unveil a clever, healthy, and delicious lunch box at lunch time rather than eating in the cafeteria or grabbing fast food?

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Pop Culture Bento Boxes will make you eat more Healthily

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