Every geek is in love with a list of hobbies – geeky stuff which they never want to drop or cut back on for whatever reason.

Talking of reasons, your paycheck can be a big deal. It can secretly tie your hands, trying to stop you from enjoying your hobbies and interests. But we are smart people, and we can find ways to afford living expenses and geeky hobbies, so we’ll just dive right into some ten of the best hobbies to consider picking up – if you haven’t yet.

1. Video games 

I don’t know a geek who doesn’t have a video game on their list of hobbies and interests. Being geeky means being passionate about certain things, and video games are usually somewhere at the top of a geek’s list of hobbies. I just couldn’t imagine a more immersive way to spend your free time. 

2. Board games

I’m a chess addict. I have a gang of friends who are too; all of them nerdy. And chess is not the only board game we love to play. We’re always changing from chess to checkers to Settlers of Catan to Monopoly – and more.

Asked to choose between video games and board games, I’d be torn between. And I know any geek would have a difficult time making that choice too. Anyway, when you’ve got some free time, pick a board game and get geeky.

3. Reading adventure and science-fiction novels

I couldn’t overemphasize how much I love to dig myself into the world of Sci-Fi. The fantasy is always exhilarating, and a great way to pass some free time. As a geek, don’t keep your options narrow; try horror, sea-adventure, mystery; you name it. Novels, short stories – whatever you can get your hands on.


4. Watching movies and TV shows

When I’m not playing Call of Duty, the other way to keep myself in the action mood is to watch a similarly enthralling movie or TV show. I know most members of my crew have the same habit, so I’m certain it will work for you.

5. Listening to music

One of the geekiest things I’ve seen my friends do is to build custom audio systems using hand-picked components.

Personally, of all hobbies and interests, loud music works for me perfectly when I’ve had an exhausting job or class work. You should add such music to your list of hobbies, too. You’ll find it therapeutic.   

6. Kitesurfing

If you believe you have to keep your hobbies and interests indoors, then I must say I didn’t get that memo. The only thing I enjoy better than skateboarding is kitesurfing. And since I’m always with my geek friends every time I hit the ocean waves, I know kitesurfing is one of the greatest hobbies you can pick up. After all, we need some sun and fresh air from time to time.

7. Photography

While learning to kitesurf, my greatest interest was actually taking pictures of those seasoned kite surfers who made the activity appear like some form of gymnastics. At first, I used my smartphone, then later bought a DSLR camera which completed my transition into a prolific shutterbug. Photography is still one of my biggest hobbies, and I fully recommend it to any geek. 

8. Building PCs from collected components 

If you love computers as most geeks do, one of the most exciting things to do is build a personal computer (or more of them) from collected components. Well, since we, geeks, tend to be excited about the small details, I have found this to not only be a fun way to pass time but a cheap hobby too.

9. Programming 

For the computer fanatics, there are quite a few computer programming languages that once you learn. This can easily turn into a creative pastime. One thing about computer programming is, once you learn it, you always want to play around with it and relish seeing what you come up with. Definitely in the realm of geekiness.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

10. Bodybuilding and martial arts

Finally, when you want to give your brain a rest and work out those muscles, why not stop by the gym or local dojo? Break free of the stereotype of the wimpy geek. Think Vin Diesel (those guns get some exercise playing games!) and Rosario Dawson (she created her own comic book!).

Wrap up

Every geek enjoys at least a few nerdy hobbies and interests. But since no one has all the money and time to pursue all the hobbies on the planet, why not settle for the select few that make the most sense? Hopefully, you’ll find this write-up helpful as you fine-tune your list of hobbies.

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