10 of the Most Tasteless Characters in Video Games

So some people now live their lives complaining about everything. It is just a new aspect of humanity and we have to accept it. Society has turned into a bunch of spineless pussies and we are all made to pay for it by everything being watered down as a result to make the sassy people relax a bit. I, for one, love me some tasteless, tacky characters in games. Why do video games have to be PC (as in politically correct, not personal computer)? It is a entertainment medium. Why does it seem like every single thing now offends every gamer ever. We need fat females in games. We need all races repped. We need different languages and nods to religion and celebrity worship and so on. It is all a sad reflection of a society that has been castrated for the sake of the weak and insecure.

But, in the end, they can make lists like this now so that must make the PC sheep very happy. Granted, playing “cross dressing” for laughs in 2016 seems a little contrived and sad, but let’s remember, all the games on this list (most, I should say)were made BEFORE the world went all PC and pussy on us. Also, I really don’t care how sexualized Quiet was in MGS V. In part two, I played as a naked guy doing f*cking cartwheels while holding his cock and balls in his hand. Huge tits seem like a nice way to balance that out, actually.

That massive rant and disclaimer out of the way, here are the ten most ‘tasteless’ video game characters via here. That one racist Pokemon is pretty bad, though. WTF, this isn’t 1930.

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