10 Things Geeks Can Learn From the Game of Thrones

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Geeks and Game of Thrones? Definitely.

This post is for all the geeks (and non-geeks, even) out there following the hit TV series on HBO, adapted from George R. R. Martin’s book, ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’. There are certain things that you can learn from this TV series based on the times when fighting for your throne was your right, and bloodshed was just a minor side effect of it. (Literally, mind you.)

If you’ve been wondering if there’s anything for you to take away fore real life applications, here are 10 things geeks can learn from the Game of Thrones:

1. Never trust anyone
This is the most important thing you have to keep in mind, especially if you’re the King of the Seven Kingdoms. There are many others like Robb Stark, Stannis Baratheon, and Daenerys Targaryen waiting to take your place. So avoid risks, and keep your dirtiest, darkest, geeky deeds to yourself.

Geek takeaway: Keep your secrets (about girls, gadgets, and other stuff) to yourself.

2. Steer clear of blondes… or rather ginger heads

Many of you may be annoyed by Sansa Stark and her stupidity. Those of you who aren’t and find her attractive should think again. Not only was she a spoiled brat who dreamt about marrying the evil Joffrey, but she sure complains a lot (Uh, the last thing you’re going to want). No geek would want her around. Not convinced? Read through the similarities between Sansa and Taylor Swift.

Geek takeaway: Get attached to someone who likes what you stand for.

3. It’s not a good idea to try to run
Arya Stark might be courageous and bold, but when surrounded by danger, it’s not a good idea to run away. Arya attempted to escape the hands of the Brotherhood and found herself in even deeper trouble with the man who was responsible for carrying out the instructions of beheading her father. Now that’s harsh. (Now if you’ve read the books, you know how this is going to turn out in the end…)

Geek takeaway: Don’t run away from your gadgets if they backfire on you, but try to get them fixed. (Long shot, but it works sometimes.)

4. Don’t be a spoiled brat
It’s not good to act like King Joffrey. He might have the Seven Kingdoms, but he forgets (or does not want to even consider) that he is not the rightful king. Chopping off someone’s head after blaming them for treachery and publically disrespecting your family is nothing to be proud of. Joffrey might have all the power, but nobody really likes him. Don’t be that person. It would be better to be a drunk and hands off King like Robert Baratheon, than be Joffrey any day of the week.

Geek takeaway: Don’t take credit for something that’s not yours.

5. Never mess with the Mother of Dragons

With her army steadily increasing by the day, Daenerys is a force to be reckoned with. A girl who was forcefully wed off to the leader of the Dothraki tribe is now the leader of an army of 80,000 men. That is quite an achievement, especially with her three dragons that will set fire to anything that tries to harm her. The incident at Qarth should be enough for you to realize her strength.

Geek takeaway: Grow your geeky powers gradually by collecting posters, merchandise, gadgets, and everything that will empower you.

6. Magic is evil
The evil red headed right hand man/woman of Stannis Baratheon should be enough to make you realize that whether you’re a part of the realm or not, magic is never a good thing. The spells cast by her under the name of her gods are just horrendous and have killed so many people. They could even kill the rightful heir to the throne, i.e. Robert Baratheon’s own blood.

Geek away: Stay clear of magicians, or anyone who pretends to be one.

7. Stay true to your Oath

This is for the member of the Night’s Watch who went astray his oath and made love to a particular red headed girl. Yes, it’s Jon Snow. Those of you who just prefer keeping quiet and are really shy need to realize the importance of commitments.

Geek takeaway: Whenever you make commitments, make sure to fulfill them despite all odds (don’t back down even when the winter comes).

8. Marriage is like a game
Marriage is a deal between two parties: The Targaryen brother giving up his sister to Kahl Drogo for the throne or Walter Frey giving his army in exchange for Robb Stark marrying his daughter. Marriage is just a step closer towards getting the Iron Throne.

Geek takeaway: Whenever you give up any of your priced possession, make sure you’re getting something equally or perhaps even more valuable in return.

9. Owning a brothel won’t help much
Remember Little Finger? He is the member of the King’s Council who trapped Eddard Stark and made a fool out of him. He not-so-secretly lusts for power and wants to sit on the Iron Throne. Well, it’s kind of obvious that simply owning a brothel won’t get him too far. He might be sly, but is nowhere close to the race of the Iron Throne.

Geek takeaway: You can’t sit down with an action figure thinking Iron Man will come to give you his armor suit: aim higher.

10. It’s all about the Throne

Nothing is more important than the Throne. Blood has been shed over it, relationships have ended, and crimes have been committed. As episodes pass by, the series is coming closer to revealing the winner of the Throne.

Geek takeaway: The older you grow, the closer you get to reality (your life’s aim).

All these lessons are valuable and are going to help you in your geeky future. If you learned something else as well, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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