Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of benefits to playing video games. They provide opportunities to socialize with others in the virtual world, improve dexterity and motor skills, and provide hours of entertainment. Even though it might seem like video games are a waste of time, there are countless things that can be learned and applied in real life.

Luckily, you’ve probably played your fair share of video games, and can attest that many of these skills are worthy of being put on a resume. If not, it might be time to pull out a new game and develop a few more talents.

1. Patience

If there’s one thing you need to get to The Legend of Zelda’s ninth dungeon in the second quest, it’s definitely patience. Dying time and again and being forced to start over is enough to test the tolerance of even the most stoic of players. We think if you can make it through without throwing your keyboard against the wall, you’re a pretty patient person.

2. Perseverance


The other skill you’ll need to reach dungeon nine is perseverance. Every time your game character dies and you’re forced to start again, you learn something from your previous mistakes and move forward. As you well know, persevering is the best way to achieve success.

3. Strategic Planning and Critical Thinking

Video games are getting much more complex, as gamers have begun to crave more planning and strategy in gameplay. This is also an extremely valuable life skill. Being able to look at a situation from all sides and think a few steps ahead of your competition will promote success in both your work and personal life.

4. Creativity

When you play games like Brain Age, Tetris, and Flash Focus, you learn a suite of skills that can improve cognitive function, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, and pattern recognition. Each of these benefits boosts your brainpower and increases your ability to think of creative new ideas.

5. Leadership

If you’ve ever played the part of a virtual general or ruler, you know a thing or two about commanding a room and delegating responsibilities, particularly in the case of guilds or clans. Virtually managing entire civilizations bears a lot of similarities to managing them in reality.

6. Technical Knowledge

Not all of the skills you learn will be figurative. Some will be hard skills that can be developed in the real world. A lot of games teach basic programming for example, which can be useful for anyone pursuing a career in software development. You can also learn a language, hand-eye coordination, basic building principles, and even rocket science from your adventures.

7. Socialization


As strange as it may sound to those who haven’t played many video games, you can actually make friends and practice people skills. Playing video games can be a social event in which friends get together to “conquer the world.” Interactions with other players, whether in the same room or online, can also teach you a few things about communication, which can translate into both your personal and work life.

8. Sympathy and Empathy

Some of the more artistic video games carry an emotional weight that can promote both sympathy and empathy in their viewers. As characters within the game’s narrative foster relationships and are faced with morally difficult choices, players can get a better glimpse of how to relate with other human beings in real life.

9. Personal Accountability

When you learn how to focus on your own actions and use your choices to improve the situations around you, it can reveal accountability. You begin to feel like you’re responsible for your own actions and the way they affect not only yourself, but those around you.

10. Stress Relief

Everyone needs a good way to blow off steam or unwind after a difficult day. Some studies have shown that immersive video games are great for warding off depression and treating post-traumatic stress disorder. If playing games is the best way for you to de-stress and handle life, it should definitely become a part of your daily routine.

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