10 Zombie Mashups to Get You Ready for The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Returns on October 12, Sunday, and I’m pretty sure you’re all looking forward to that. While you may be gearing up for the season premiere by rewatching the first four seasons (it’s too much for me, so I’m not doing that), you can also choose to enjoy some zombie mashups that are not necessarily Walking Dead-related.

There is a ton – no, there are tons and tons – of zombie art and mashups online, and it was rather time-consuming to go through them, but there are some that are so bad/good that I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Here you go, 10 zombie mashups that will fill up your zombie meter today.

1. Zombie Princess Peach

This Princess Peach is not made of sugar and spice, and everything nice. She’s eating poor Toad’s brain after all! I wonder what Mario would think of this?

2. Zombiecalypse in LEGO

Created by Dunechaser, this awesome LEGO rendition of the zombiecalypse will make any AFOL envious.

3. Zombie Spiderman

While I’ve never been a fan of Spiderman, this zombie version is amazingly funny. Yeah, I find it so funny that I keep imagining zombie Spidey trying to swing from one building to another with a detached arm. Art by CyberMonkeytron3000.

4. Zombie Ang

Who didn’t fall in love with mischievous Avatar Ang? But what about zombie Avatar Ang? He’s still looking pretty mischievous to me. Artist Acaciathorn apologizes if people “find it disturbing”, but I don’t find it to be so. Do you?

5. Zombie Spongebob

Now this, maybe I find a little disturbing. It’s probably just that Spongebob is already disturbing in some ways…Poor Patrick.

6. Zombie Kirk

We’ve already seen Spock zombified, but I found that the artist has done Kirk as well. So who wins as a zombie, Kirk or Spock?

7. Shakespeare Undead

“Zombies have invaded 1592 London and it’s up to William Shakespeare, whose genius with a quill comes from his extended life as a vampire, to stop them.”

So Shakespeare isn’t a zombie in this mashup, but he does fight the undead uprising as a vampire. I wonder how that went for him?

8. Zombie Batman and Zombie Iron Man

Nothing more needs to be said except this: Zombie Batman vs. Zombie Iron Man. Who wins?

9. Zombie at Tiffany’s

I totally fell in love with Audrey Hepburn in the movie (as so did everyone else, I assume), and when I saw this t-shirt on Threadless, it just had to be added to the list. It may seem a travesty, considering how beautiful Audrey Hepburn is, but…

10. The Jedi Michonne

Of course, we have to end this list of zombie mashups with Michonne. Imagine how bada$$ she’d be as a Jedi…

Want more zombies? Okay, I’ll humor you.

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