As most of you can probably tell from my past posts, nendoroids are my favourite type of anime figures. Not only are they small enough to place almost anywhere, you can also play around with them since they have interchangeable and movable parts. With the number of nendoroids that are available now, it’s hard to believe that the very first one was sold only a few short years ago. Nendoroids usually focus on being cute (it’s their main selling point after all), but I thought I’d make a list of the 10 coolest nendoroids to date.

10. Mickey Mouse

In tenth place is someone who everyone is familiar with: Mickey Mouse. Just recently unveiled at the Winter Wonder Festival 2010, Mickey is the 100th addition to the nendoroid series. Anyone who grew up with a tv will know who Mickey is, and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t like him, which is why he made it onto my list of the 10 coolest nendoroids.

9. Saber Lion

At number nine is Saber Lion from Fate/Stay Night. There’s just something about a warrior in a lion costume holding a huge piece of meat that just borders on silly and neat at the same time.

8. Rider

Eighth is Rider, also from FSN. This nendoroid comes with a bicycle that it can sit on. Rider riding a bike, get it?

7. Melissa Seraphy Devil Queen Version

Number seven is the devil version of Melissa Seraphy from the game Wagamama Capriccio. This nendoroid was an exclusive at the 2008 Wonder Festival, meaning if you want one, it’s too late. What I like about this nendoroid is the fact that she’s wearing a pumpkin and comes with a fancy cape and crown, all of which are optional.

6. Miku Hatsune Race Queen Version

Race Queen Miku comes in at sixth place. Probably one of the most expensive nendoroids out there, Miku is also an exclusive item that was sold only at certain Japanese stores. She comes with a “leek” umbrella and her own car that she actually fits in. Did I mention that you can also customize the decals on the car.

5. Kemeko

Next up is Kemeko from Kemeko DX. Not only does it have a huge gatling gun, there are also two different heads for when the Kemeko suit is open or closed. What’s unique about this nendoroid though, is that it actually combines with a 1/8 scale MM figure from Max Factory to make it look like MM is climbing out of the Kemeko suit.

4. Drossel von Flugel

At number 4 is Drossel, the robot princess from Disney’s Fireball. I’ve already covered all the things that make this nendoroid special in a previous post which you can read here.

3. Reindeer L

Anyone who’s watched or read Death Note will know that L would do anything to reveal Kira’s identity, so it’s not too hard to imagine him dressing up as a reindeer. Although it’s not likely to happen, it’s still hilarious to see him dressed like that.

2. Nozomu Itoshiki

In second place is Nozomu Itoshiki, aka “Mr. Despair” from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I think it’s very fitting to display a figure of the suicidal high school teacher by hanging him around the neck with a noose. I’m sure many people got this nendoroid just so they could do that.

1. Snow Miku

At the top of the list is the cool looking Snow Miku. She’s basically the same as the original Miku Hatsune nendoroid except for the fact that she’s winter-themed. Her hair and clothes are now a bluish ice colour and her leek looks like a crystal. There are also snowflakes printed into her hair and tie to give more of a winter feel.

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