kyoto-cat-usb-stick Last days have seen an increase in the number of new ridiculous USB sticks. With so many new USB sticks available, we are tempted to order bulk flash drives at in order to boost our collection. We already reported the skate drive and the Post-It USB stick but things have gotten only worse since then. Newest additions are the handmade Tokyo Cat (pictured at the right) and the USB Green Man. Obviously there is the Hello Kitty USB stick but that one is surprisingly discrete compared to the latest rage. It should be no surprise that there is a Obama USB drive too. Maybe it’s just me and I have become an old and boring sod, but I usually am looking for the most discrete _bling_ and not etsy crafted gadgets on the $tarbuck$ table when I want to show off my luxurious lifestyle as always connected caffeine addicted worker. On second thought I actually might love to start a collection of the most ridiculous USB drives!

iDuck USB Drive

iduck-usb When you see this picture first you immediately know its name has to be iDuck. Something just tells you that’s the only appropriate name for this drive. Popularity of the iDuck has been rather minimal, probably inexistent considered it costs a whopping $49.99 for 256MB space only. But you get integrated light in the duck for that price. Now think about going to the cafe with your shiny MacBook Air and digging your iDuck out of your pocket.

USB Shrimp from Solid Alliance

usb-shrimp 1GB and 4 different food varieties USB drive models: shrimp, crrab, caramel and even burger. Actually, the tomato is a USB hub. Everything’s handcrafted. Bonus points for creativity but I can’t imagine putting this on my table when slurping an espresso doppio.

Kyoto CatBar USB Drive

kyoto-catbar-usb2 One quick look at this picture can make you think of all the fantasies you could live out during bored and desperate nerd hours if only you buy more than one of these! But the fun comes with a price: $81.75 for just 2GB. If only they had integrated the connector somewhere under the neck and made a keyhanger out of this.

Wooden USB Oooms

usb-oooms Why, why, oh why? I can see the appeal to ecologists who make biofuel from their leftover beer. Handmade too, so I suppose this drive actually is made from wood and I think the price’s handcrafted as well at $119.99 for 2GB.

Sushi & Dimsum USB Drives

sushi-usb-2 dimsum-usb Compared to the previous USB drives this almost looks acceptable. Almost I wrote! I bet you’re in to catch quite some eyeballs and even more weird looks, probably even medical advice, when you plug these in to a black, nowadays almost a collector’s item, MacBook.

Barbie USB

barbie-usbThis obviously is a handmade USB drive by someone who wanted to make it to 4Chan and I can’t imagine this ever going in to production, although Mattel has done the weirdest things lately. Actually… I could see a future for this. Anyone want to sell this to Mattel? Don’t bother about abusing their own trademark, tell them about the Hello Kitty rage and the need for a pink Barbie netbook.

Humping Dog USB Drive

humping-dog-usb If it comes from ThinkGeek it has be awwesome, doesn’t it? Wrong, wrong, WRONG! This humping dog USB drive, also available as crunching dog model, is just totally wrong. A fitness dog sticking out of your laptop? Perfect to keep your NADD up to par, but that’s about it. Luckily, when it comes to weird USB drives, there is something for all the geeks among us. More than something.

Lupin The Third USB Drive

lupin3-usb Eventhough GeekStuff4U responsible was for catastrophes like the Strawberry Doughnut USB drive ((And the Kyoto CatBar!)), they deserve every credit not only for this awesome Lupus III drive but also for their excellent range of Star Wars USB Hubs.

Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch

usb-watch Reading the name alone would be enough to make you freak out and fear the worst, but this watch actually looks acceptable. Not being a Casio watch it does not get an extra geek credit bonus, but the Mr. Gadget Executive USB watch has a decent look and even a Citizen alike chronograph. If only they could invent a Magsafe™ USB connector this could be perfect for any aspiring Bond among us. And it’s on offer right now: $219.95.

Lego USB

lego-usb1 Lego is an all-time favourite of geeks worldwide and best of all is that you can easily make your own model. The only limit is your own creativity and aptitude with Lego bricks.

C-3PO USB Drive

c-3po Mimobot, designer USB flash driver store par excellence, comes with this awesomely looking C-3PO, but also has many more great Star Wars, Happy Tree Friends and other drives. At $44/95 for a 4GB C-3PO this is a steal compared to the previous models we saw in this entry. (Stores of all the USB drives are linked via the images)

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