Planet of the Apes is one of the most popular movies of all time, replicated in cartoons, a live action TV series and a horrible modern remake of the original. With all the celebration of Planet of the Apes there is of course hundreds of collectibles sought out by collectors around the world. Here are my favorite collectibles inspired by Planet of the Apes.

1. Planet Of The Apes Collector Cards – Topps

Planet Of The Apes Collector CardsCirca 1969, these cards were created by Topps and placed in Bubble Gum wrappers. The cards were slightly smaller than found here and not many still exist.

2. Planet Of The Apes Coloring And Activity Books

Planet Of The Apes Coloring Books

Created in 1974 a series of Planet of The Apes coloring and activity books were released. Each book features their own covers (such as the one pictured above), while the inside of each book differs slightly from one to the other. Find one of these that hasn’t been colored in and you have a real collectible on your hands. Heck even one drawn inside the lines wouldn’t be a bad find.

3. Planet of The Apes – Book and Record Series (Power Records)

Planet Of The Apes Power Records CoverFinding a set of Power Records is a great collectible discovery. This offering features a 7″ 20 page book in full color with a 7″ record. You simply read along to the book while the soundtrack of the record plays along to the text on the page. It’s like watching a movie with a full soundtrack, but in this case you’re doing most of the work. This collectible really requires that you find the book with the record to make it worth a read or for that matter worth adding it to your collection.

4. Movie Book and TV Book Covers

There’s so much reading in this list! You can add a collection of Planet Of The Apes Movie and TV series books. These books were released in promotion of the movie and the subsequent live-action TV series. They aren’t easy to find, but in good condition they make for great display pieces for your Planet of The Apes collection.

5. Planet Of The Apes Action Figures – Original

3 packaged Mego action figuresThe Mego action figures shown above let you play as human or ape. I’ve seen some of these figures still locked away in their original packaging and given how hard they are to find it’s a great addition to your collection.  Each action figure is fully poseable and there clothing is true to the movie. You can also find various accessories to go along with the characters including rideable horses, cages to house your humans and more!

6. Planet Of The Apes Board Game

Planet Of The Apes BoardgameSick and tired of playing Monopoly? Then why not give the original Planet of the Apes board game a try. Get to the end of the game before other players without being captured and you win. It’s a simple board game, but as expected it’s well thought out by the team at Milton Bradley. At least it isn’t Monopoly: Planet Of The Apes Edition like we tend to see variations of all over the place these days for various TV shows and movies.

7. Planet Of The Apes Lunchbox And Thermos

Planet Of The Apes Lunchbox and ThermosYou can’t complete a collectors set without the Planet of the Apes lunchbox and thermos. Showing captures apes and enslaved humans, this set will remind many collectors about their childhoods. Heck I’d be willing to take this to work with me if I didn’t work from home.

8. Planet Of The Apes Soap And Bubbles

Planet Of The Apes Soap and bubblesFor some reason I don’t want to clean myself with an Ape. On the other hand that means you might be able to find this collectible still in it’s original packaging. There’s also an ape shaped bubble blower…poor Ape!

9. Planet Of The Apes – Super 8 Films

Planet Of The Apes - Super 8 FilmsBlu-ray is sooo last year. Instead why don’t you watch Escape from Planet of the Apes on Super 8 film. Sure it will take you 5 reels that you need to change repeatedly part way through the movie and you’ll have to find a compatible projector, but how cool would it be to watch the movie with crappy sound and choppy picture? Okay perhaps this one is better left inside a display, but either way it’s very cool and hard to find.

10. Planet Of The Apes – Plush Figures

Planet Of The Apes - Plush figuresI had to add these plush dolls to the list, partly because finding them in mint condition is not an easy task and also because I’ll admit they kind of terrify me. Probably the most odd of all collectibles I’ve seen for Planet of the Apes, these things were way ahead of their time (think Beanie Babies). Yeah they look a little bit weird  and their puppets which is just plain creepy.

So that’s the list. There are literally hundreds of collectible Planet of the Apes items out there, these were the one’s I personally found to be the coolest and in many cases most unique items available.

Do you have a favorite Planet of the Apes collectible item? Leave us your list.

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