10 Tech Predictions I Made In 2007, But Forgot To Hit "Publish"

In 2007 I made a bunch of tech predictions that would occur no later than the year 2010. Unfortunately I forgot to hit “publish” on my personal blog. Here are those predictions, seen for the first time ever in 2010.

10. This Twitter thing might get big. Like bigger than Myspace, Nah nothing can get bigger than MySpace.

9. Steve Jobs will learn Magic. “Magic” will apparently come with 10 inches of screen realty and save Rupert Murdoch’s media empire from becoming obsolete.

8. People will be saying stuff like “did you Digg that” and “I just Tweeted that” then Facebook will decide that people only need to “Like” stuff and other more involved options will seem like too much of a hassle for increasingly lazy internet users.

7. Carol Bartz, the new CEO for Yahoo will attend a new TechCrunch conference called “Disrupt” and she will be “interviewed” by Michael Arrington, they will exchange pleasantries and then the rest of the interview will go off without a hitch.

6. YouTube will skyrocket a tween kid named Justin Bieber into the spotlight. Anyone over the age of 12 will begin to hate YouTube.

5.  Ashton Kutcher will have over 5 million Twitter followers. Yes I do mean THAT Ashton Kutcher.

4. A guy will find a job by putting his own job wanted ads on Google Adwords, unfortunately his job will be to make $5,000 a week by placing Google Ads.

3. George Lucas will release Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a cartoon series, proving that Jar Jar Binks wasn’t the only way to destroy a franchise. Star Wars fans will still love it.

2. Facebook will take a new “approach” on Privacy. If you’re reading this from a digital device of some sort right now they probably already know everything about you…yes they even know about that trip to Vegas your wife didn’t hear about.

1. Toyota will excel beyond the competition with their automobile technology. No one will be able to stop them. No seriously, no one will be able to stop them once they gain enough speed.

Honorable Mention: My new boss at a site I start writing for called ForeverGeek will introduce himself to me with a David Hasselhoff Post he wrote featuring a Dirk Benedict Picture. After all nothing shouts credibility like The Hoff and Benedict.

Thanks to my all time favorite inspiration Conan O’Brien, his “In The Year 2000” skit inspired this post. BTW, he uses Twitter @ConanObrien where he discusses nuclear propulsion, how to build cold fusion systems and….who am I kidding his most intelligent post so far has been “Man, I am so tired. APRIL FOOL’S! I’m NOT tired. (I’m kind of tired).”

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