11 Playsets I Want in Disney Infinity

I’ve been having a blast playing Disney Infinity for a few weeks now, but I can’t help daydreaming of Disney properties I hope they add to the game.

In case you don’t know… Disney Infinity is a giant platform of a game system (for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii) that works a lot like Skylanders. There’s a pad you put real-world figurines on, and they’re instantly imported into the game, where you control them. The game is comprised of several “Playsets,” which are themed around Disney properties. The starter kit comes with three Playsets: The Incredibles, Monsters University, and Pirates of the Caribbean. There are additional Playsets you can purchase separately to plug into the game and play with, along with new playable characters/figurines to go with them. In addition to the Playsets, you can also play in the massive “Toy Box,” where you can build your own environments and games, mixing and matching elements from pretty much every Disney property you can imagine.

That’s a lot to digest, I know. Whew. But once you understand the basics, you begin to grasp the limitless potential that Disney Infinity represents. Just think of all the franchises and properties that exist under the Disney umbrella! It’s a massive, wide-open universe. To that end, here are ten Disney-owned properties I want in Disney Infinity as new Playsets.

Star Wars

Nope, this isn’t real. It’s some incredible fan art by the talented Matthew Harris. He really nailed the

Infinity style, don’t you think?

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first. The biggest and newest addition to Disney’s portfolio is Lucasfilm, so you know they’re wanting to bring Star Wars to Infinity. Most likely, they’ll time its release to coincide with Episode VII in 2015. But the question is, will they create a Playset themed around the classic trilogy, or around their new Episode VII content? There’s also Star Wars Rebels, the new CG animated TV series coming next year to Disney XD. Whatever they build for DI, I hope it’s not set on Tattooine. Infinity already has a desert-set Playset in Cars. I’m hoping for something big, like 3 or 4 planets you can fly around the galaxy to reach via the Millennium Falcon. Oh yeah, that’d be sweet.

The Avengers

Avengers art by Seoro.O.

Marvel is another giant-sized gem in Disney’s crown, thanks to a certain team-up movie you may have heard of. With Marvel’s entire 5,000+ character roster to choose from, the possibilities are endless for Marvel’s involvement in Infinity, so it’s very likely that DI developer Avalanche Studios will want to go with a “greatest hits” variety of heroes, based on the comics instead of films (where fan-faves Spider-Man and Wolverine are licensed to other movie studios). Or, they could do something a little more focused, like doing a full-out Avengers Playset, complete with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor playable figurines. On second thought, Avengers is what they’ll probably do. It makes too much sense not to.

Phineas & Ferb

Phineas and Agent P, as they appear in the game.

Phineas and Agent P have already been announced as playable figures coming out soon (probably sometime before Christmas), but so far there’s no word on a Phineas & Ferb-themed Playset. And that needs to change, pronto. With all of Danville to play with, and some extra characters to play with, like Candace and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, not to mention all of P&F’s gonzo inventions at your disposal, this one’s a no-brainer.


It may not be the most popular Disney franchise, but with its recent return thanks to Tron: Legacy, I’m drooling at the thought of playing in that glass-and-neon wonderland called the Grid. The DI developers recently released a downloadable Toy Box in the form of a Tron: Legacy light car race, and it was a blast. I need a full Playset. And a lightcycle. Nowish.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A screenshot of the Jack Skellington figure in the game.

Jack Skellington is already a playable character, but Tim Burton’s imaginative world is a great big sandbox that begs to played in. Think of all the offbeat vehicles, weapons, and locations… Yowza, what a trip!


WALL-E fan art by Seoro.O

Disney Infinity is already drawing heavily from Pixar’s catalog, with 3 of its 5 starting Playsets themed around Pixar properties (Cars, Monsters U, and The Incredibles), and a 4th (Toy Story) is on the way before Christmas. Might I humbly submit WALL-E’s futuristic world and colorful robot characters as the next property on the list? With levels set amid the trash-filled wastelands of Earth to the gleaming Axiom spaceship, this one would be a blast. Plus, flying around space outside the Axiom would give the developers an excuse to create a zero-gravity level (assuming the Toy Story Playset doesn’t do it first; it’s centered around Buzz Lightyear).

Finding Nemo

With sequel Finding Dory on its way to theaters in 2016, it’s only natural that Disney will want to draw on this well-loved franchise for an Infinity Playset. With a release date so far away, this is one Playset that’s probably really far away. One thing I’ve noticed about all of the current (and announced) Playsets is that each one is set in a radically different environment. There’s the Monster world, the superhero world, cowboys in the old west, Caribbean pirates, a desert, and soon, both space and an icy world (for Frozen). Nemo would add another cool new environment: the underwater world of the ocean. Characters would be entirely fish or other sea-based creatures, and the amazingly colorful environments would be pretty darn gorgeous.

Indiana Jones

Another great mockup by Matthew Harris.

Another no-brainer from the Lucasfilm acquisition. Figurines I want: Indy, Marion, Sallah, Henry Jones Sr., and Belloq. Any levels will do as long as they stay away from the Kali Temple (of Doom) and absolutely everything from Crystal Skull. Oh, and I’ll take one of those tanks from Last Crusade to drive around in, please.

The Muppets

Disney artist Jim Valeri posted these concept images to his blog a few months ago. They sure look like Infinity characters to me.

Yet another separate franchise that Disney could draw from, the Muppets feel like a perfect fit for Infinity. If you look closely in the Hall of Heroes, you might see teeny “townspeople” versions of Kermit and Animal running around, so clearly the Muppets are already on the developers’ minds. There’s no shortage of great characters to draw on (imagine running around smashing things in mindless glee as Animal), or locations to visit. Although the inclusion of the Muppet Theatre is a must. I don’t think there’s ever been a Muppet video game of any decent quality, so the opportunity is there. And a new movie is on the way next March.

Wreck-It Ralph

The downloadable Sugar Rush racing Toy Box.

It’s the entire world of video games in one movie. Could there be a more perfect setup for a huge, diverse open world to play in? Ralph and Venelope are already playable, so it’s not like Avalanche isn’t thinking about it. They’ve already released a Sugar Rush Toy Box for free download. A full-fledged Playset can’t be far behind.


Fantastic Lost art by Matt Greenholt.

Okay, I know this one’s kinda out there, but stay with me. The classic survival-meets-quantum-mechanics-meets-philosophy-meets-spirituality TV series has one of the best settings of any franchise, ever. You can’t tell me that a fully-realized Infinty version of the island wouldn’t be cool. And sure, the characters not be as broad and colorful as Disney’s other properties, but they do have several folks with special skills. Jack the doctor, Hurley the medium, Sayid the soldier, etc. Then there’s the submarine for a vehicle, and so many places all over the island to visit — all the Dharma stations and Jacob’s places… oh man, I get excited just thinking about it! But it’ll never happen.

& More…

There’s so much potential in Disney Infinity, this barely scratches the surface. Others ripe for DI use include Oz the Great and Powerful, Snow White, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Mulan, DuckTales, Chicken Little, Brave, John Carter, Lilo & Stitch, Roger Rabbit, Frankenweenie, Planes, Alice in Wonderland, Gargoyles, and so much more.

The possibilities are, well… infinite. What do you want to play in the game?

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