12 Clever Homages to Han-in-Carbonite

It’s one of the most iconic moments in geek history. Han Solo’s horrific fate at the hands of Darth Vader and bounty hunter Boba Fett was made all the more bitter because it came due to a betrayal by his friend Lando Calrissian. And then there was the whole goodbye-to-Leia thing… Brutal!

Plus, the guy was frozen for like three years. That’s how long the wait was between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. (Okay, in story time it was only six months or so. But for fans forced to wait, it certainly felt like he was in there for three years.)

So what do geeks do when we love something? We immortalize it in every medium known to man! Here are twelve awesome examples of fans who’ve gone all out to show their love of one unforgettable moment.


Those amazing folks from Charm City Cakes — the bakery seen on the TV show Ace of Cakes (you should be watching) — came up with this impressively detailed recreation.


Don’t bother trying to order these chocolate-and-bacon-and-peanut butter candies. You can’t. They’re a custom creation by one enterprising fan who even made her own mold. Yeah, that’s right: I said chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon.


Costumes are a dime-a-dozen, but this guy owned San Diego Comic-Con in this authentic, homemade creation. Plus, I bet it’s a lot easier getting through those shoulder-to-shoulder convention crowds when you can scrape people aside like a shovel.


Tom Spina creates custom themed furniture, and it’s easy to see why this was one of his most popular designs ever. It even came with realistic Cloud City Carbon Freezing Chamber orange lights!


Holy guacamole, Chewbacca! Yep, it really is made from guac dip. How they got it stiff enough to stand up against a wall like this without falling out… We don’t really want to know, do we?

Ice Cube Trays

This imported-from-Japan product will set you back $8.99 plus shipping. Silicon tray mold works with ice or anything else you want to put in a mold — like chocolate and bacon.


Nathan Sawaya is that guy who makes amazing artwork using LEGO bricks as his medium. Here’s his life-sized tribute to Han Solo in Carbonite. Final brick count: over 10,000.

Pinewood Derby Car

I wasn’t able to find out much about this one, other than that a kid made it and entered it in a toy car derby race. The car’s obviously made of wood, but I’m not sure what Han is made of. Clay? Resin? Actually, is that even Han? It kinda looks like a badger.

Skateboard Deck

I wouldn’t try to pop an ollie on this skate deck. It’s not a decal or a painting — it’s a raised sculpture. You’d probably kick up some sparks while scraping this thing on asphalt. Better to just display it on a wall. [Photo by PopCultureGeek.com.]


From boutique shop Luxury Lane Soap, this soap is environmentally friendly. Plus, it scores big for being unscented. It can be yours for $12.50.

Throw Pillow

Bet you never thought you’d see Han Solo’s darkest moment commemorated as a throw pillow. The maker, who has her own shop on Etsy, says this initial test isn’t up to her usual standards, and she intends to keep working at it before making these bad boys available to buy.

USB Drive

Jason’s Creations made and sold a handful of these USB thumb drives, which have 1 gigabyte of storage space, and even came with a six-foot USB cable. Sadly, he’s sold out now and appears to have no plans to make more.

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