What happens when Disney/Pixar’s Cars is mashed up with twelve famous movie and TV vehicles? Click through to find out.



Why draw just one when two is twice the fun? Worlds collide when the Michael Keaton Batmobile meets the car from the classic Adam West TV series. [Source]



The car chase scene through the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt is considered one of the most influential in cinema history. So it’s only fitting that it get the Pixar treatment in this clever render that also name-drops Steve McQueen — who Cars‘ Lightning McQueen is named after. [Source]


Bumblebee from Transformers

Mashing up Cars with Transformers is an inevitable no-brainer, though Bumblebee’s smiling demeanor doesn’t really match his depiction in the Michael Bay films.[Source]



The evil horror movie car looks appropriately menacing in this spooky render. [Source]

De Lorean

De Lorean Time Machine from Back to the Future

The expression is perfect. It actually resembles Michael J. Fox’s look on the poster for Back to the Future. (If you’re wondering why the De Lorean is in outer space, look closer at the car’s grill.) [Source]


ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters

In another dimension of time and space (the Pixar Zone?), maybe the ECTO-1 is the fifth Ghostbuster. [Source]

General Lee

The General Lee from Dukes of Hazard

You can practically hear the Southern drawl coming from the General Lee’s mouth. [Source]



Few movie cars have more personality than Herbie the Love Bug, and now he has a face as well. (Just overlook that missing back tire.) [Source]

Jurassic Park

Jeep from Jurassic Park

The artist pulled out all the stops for this one. You’ve got the jeep, the big digger standing in for the T-Rex, the jungle, the park entrance, and even a clever logo. [Source]


Landspeeder from Star Wars

I suppose the Landspeeder is the most natural choice from Star Wars for a Pixarization, since it’s the most car-like vehicle in the series. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Millenium Falcon done up, though. How do you feel about the artist’s choice to make the Landspeeder a buck-toothed bumpkin? [Source]

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime from Transformers

This one’s basically a new skin applied to Mack, Lightning McQueen’s truck driver. But it would have been cool to see Optimus’ face not quite so happy-go-lucky. [Source]

Star Trek Shuttlecraft

Shuttlecraft from Star Trek

A nice Photoshop job on the Galileo, probably Star Trek‘s most memorably shuttlecraft. But again I find myself wishing the artist had rendered the franchise’s most iconic vehicle. How cool would it be to see the Enterprise get the Pixar treatment? (The J.J. Abrams Enterprise, preferably.) [Source]

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